Próximo juego Square Enix-Marvel (Especulación)

Hola gente. Me gustaría discutir con ustedes sobre cuál podría ser el siguiente juego de Square Enix y Marvel tras Marvel’s Avengers (2020) y Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy (2021), así también como las plataformas, el año de lanzamiento del mismo y la desarrolladora (Crystal Dynamics o Eidos Montreal)

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Hey bienvenido! Haha no creo que encuentres muchas respuestas en español aqui pero creo que entre Eidos y Crystal Dynamics estaran ocupados con Guardians 2, Tomb Raider y Perfect Dark.

Guardianes 2?

Espero que nenhum! Mas se estiverem fazendo, que seja de um herói solo. Talvez Blade? O personagem faz parte dos Avengers nas comics hoje em dia, se não me engano.

Personally, I think they’re done with the Marvel games especially if Guardians of the Galaxy doesn’t perform well sales wise. I’m expecting Crystal Dynamics to work on a new Tomb Raider game and Eidos Montreal to probably bring back Deus Ex. Of course, what im really hoping is that Microsoft can take both Crystal and Eidos off Square’s hands along with the Tomb Raider, Deus Ex, Legacy of Kain, Soul Reaver, Thief and Gex IP’s.

Personalmente yo espero que sigan con los juegos de Marvel. Me gustan mucho los juegos de Marvel acción-aventura, y preferiría que continuarán sacando juegos

Possibly because these licences cost money that further eats into profibilty and only work out if you can sell more than what you could if it was another IP.

I can work out the gist of what the post means in English, but I cannot reply back in Spanish unfortunately, so I think you maybe right lol.

Didn’t think of this when I posted but yeah, this definitely plays into it.

Yeah it’s the reality of licensed games. So it makes sense for Insomniac to double down on Marvel, because they have never produced a game that sells anywhere near what Spiderman has sold.

At the moment Guardians of the Galaxy might not sell any better than Deus Ex but SE would probably lose more money due to the fees lol.

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