Project Dream´s Banjo-Kazooie videos (fan-made project)

Just for the sake of suffering… :sweat_smile: Here we go:

There are many more in the YT channel: Project Dream - YouTube

The creator says there it won´t be a playable game so… Have you definitely given up on playing a new Banjo game or a remaster/remake?


this looks way worse than the XBLA versions :woman_shrugging:

Most of the times those fanmade remakes look pretty bad but this one looks really cool! I’d love to see a remake or a reboot with bonkers visuals and updated levels, controls e.t.c. Playtonic could be a developer capable of handling the IP (with the support of Rare) IMO.

An official remake will happen sooner than later.

Please tell me you know something :rofl:

I do not.

It’s just the way the wind is blowing.

This could be cool, but Nintendo is 100% making a Banjo game and this guy better take this down before they see it.

In partnership with Xbox? I wouldn’t be against that. If it happens though the only problem would be them targeting the ancient ass hardware of Switch…:unamused:

Yes, developed by Nintendo, published by Xbox on both Xbox/PC and Nintendo Switch 2/Pro whatever, because if it happens (I’m trying to will it into existence), it shall be years down the line. Mario Odyssey looks and plays great on the Switch, so I wouldn’t be that worried about trying to make it super high fidelity Rift Apart type production, but that classic Nintendo style design (they get these characters and how to design them right) instead. Focus on art direction and absolutely top notch platforming > fidelity any day.

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I like the sound of this, I’m 100% for it. Please let this be what Nick was talking about.

It isn’t though. :weary:

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That doesn’t look half bad but I would prefer a remake like Ratchet 2016 to be honest. Make the game look amazing, full voice acting and keep the core gameplay/combat intact.

Thanks for reminding me that it’s nearly 2022 and it has been 13 years since the last Banjo-Kazooie game.

Its been 20-21 years. Tooie came out in 2000.

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