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I love everything about this game. Can’t wait to play it.


I’m waiting for this one since 2017, Game Pass is a welcome perk.


It’s finally here?

September this year. Can’t wait for this to release, this game and the last night were the two stand out games from 2017 for me. Both have the potential to be something special in the gaming space so good to hear artful escape is living up to that promise. Will be a day one for me.

Was there some sort of issue with the developer of this game? I seem to remember the hype dying down because of something like that.

I haven’t kept track of either but I don’t think it was this game. Maybe is was for The Last Night, as I kind of remember a lot of chatter around that.

Yeah, you’re thinking of The Last Night.

Gotcha, I’m glad to hear it. This one looks especially good and your glowing chat about it on a recent podcast made me excited to try it out.

This all relates to some very naive twitter comments he made some time ago ~2014 and has now walked back from. No reason I could see to be down on the studio or game, but, I would suggest googling some of the articles (polygon’s is quite a good balanced one) and forming your own opinion a lot of the often inaccurate noise on this one came from one particular forum’s (not this one) hate mob’s liking for cancelling people they have decided to demonize.

I don’t have an opinion formed, either by myself or anyone else. I was simply asking if there was some issue that had happened to refresh my memory. I have no idea of the details. Thanks for the advice and info though.

Im confused, are you saying this developer has said something as off putting as others in the past too, or are you referring to Tim Soret? Reading your post it sounds like you’re talking about the developer of Artful Escape did you mean to refer to Last Night?

like the others I think you’re thinking of Tim Soret and “The Last Night” @anon98342452 I’ve not heard anything similar regarding this, which looks wonderful. With the last night, the lead had said (during GG) some ludicrous things about feminism being skewed and rather than being about equality it being “anti all but women”. I think foolishness and misunderstanding is understandable in youth, but given it was during gamergate and then the game was shown and thematically matched such comments had an uncomfortable link for many, that it wasn’t just a misspoken comment but a true belief that Feminism is the cause of many societal ills. As usual those speaking such concerns are described as being unreasonable or cancelling for fun.

Apologies, for the distaction not my intention to paint this dev the same, and regardless the proof of the pudding as they say, the other game may turn out to be wonderful and in no way bad, but that shouldn’t stop people voicing their concerns.

Someone clarified this earlier for me, I was confusing the games. To be clear, I don’t recall the details just that there was something that happened regarding the developer being a jerk. I don’t stand for or care to support those who put forth such nonsense, especially if no apology or attempt at making things better moving forward have been made. I have no idea if he’s apologized, changed, etc but that has nothing to do with the game this thread is referring to. So MY apologies for derailing with my old and poor memory!

My apologies for making you apologise. :smiley: Certain things linger in my mind, and a younger person saying somethign stupid is happily overlooked, but the lead dev doing so then building his game around such a contrivance sticks in my mind more, and would take a good deal of contrition to be dislodged.

I am currently watching the artful Escape on twitch and it just looks better every time I see it, the customisation looks amazing :smiley:

I am going to make him look so FABULOUS!

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No need for confusion, you literally just had to read the 2 posts above mine to realise that yes indeed this was in reference to Tim.

The only reason I posted (as was OT) was to sign post people away from accepting the (often) incorrect interpretations surrounding this situation propagated by the resetera hate mob as gospel. And instead go away and look for themselves and form their own opinion.

The things you state as fact about the situation have come almost verbatim from the resetera threads and are in my opinion a gross misinterpretation of his words that I don’t think anyone who has spent more than 10 mins thinking about them would make hence my request for people to make up their own minds.

You are of course entitled to your opinion but not to present it as fact or to expect people to agree with it or be censured.

I would challenge anyone reading this to go read those threads and see if they would describe them as reasonable as in my opinion they are not.

In fairness Cinste you were not totally clear, I read your response to Delroys question about this dev and game. You responded to them asking “is there an issue with this developer”, i.e. Artfuls, at no point did you mention Tim or Last night by name nor refer to the other posts made. I can only respond to your words which are written. This is why I asked for clarification.

And what I state “as fact” did not come from some ERA thread or frothing “hate mob” you seem happy to paint me as part of, it was from several reporting sources at the time, and his own twitter account. I have done what you demand i.e. made my own mind up, and mentioned the reasons why his actions give me pause for thought. I have mentioned that in spirit of @anon98342452 's original question and not demanded anyone take up pitchforks or that they should agree with me or censor anything. In fact I finished by saying with regards the “other game” the proof remains with the final product, and it’s possible that it could be a great thing.

Furthermore when one distinctly apologises for saying things like they are “Against Feminism” and that “Gamergate stand for Journalistic integrity” I really don’t believe one could say they are being misrepresented. They said those things, they accepted it and apologised for that. People are under no obligation to take them at their word though that they have changed, especially given the rampant sexism highlighted in the industry currently. I hope that “The Last Night” comes out since it looked amazing and I hope that it proves Tim is not the person that he was back in 2014 and that he has “changed” as he said he has. If anyone cares to look I too would recommend looking at the reporting around the time of “The Last Nights” announcement, to gather the context and hopefully be able to praise the game.

Otherwise Cinste we should probably keep it to DM’s or a new thread about “Death of the Author”, as that may be rather entertaining :slight_smile:

have a good one!

Apologies for the derail everyone and especially for mucking up your lovely preview thread @SuikerBrood

Good Lord, sometimes I should keep my curiosity to myself and mouth shut. Anyway, this game looks legit. I can’t wait to check it out. Love the design, colors, etc. Hooray for colors!

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By way of contrition here is the video I was watching last night on Twitch

specifically 3.17 in…

That customisation tho!

The dev seems to be having such fun too, I love it when creators inject their work with some light hearted whimsey.

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This game looks cool! like a Acid trip nights. I can’t wait to play it