Prediction: League of legends Wild rift coming to Xbox in January, in the showcase (exclusive?)

If you read the blog post on the GamePass/riot perks, Wild rift unlocks are coming some time in January…

They are still not here for the mobile only title. Makes sense that the previously announced console port is dropping soon (likely in the Jan showcase) to go alongside the GamePass perk.

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i mean, maybe? could be possible. forgot wild rift had a console announcement.

edit: they need to bring legends of runeterra and valorant to consoles too.

Wild rift is the only riot perk that still isn’t available

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If LOL can play on XBOX, that would be great. I have been waiting for this for a long time. The XBOX I have been putting away for a long time, I will take it out to use. When I’m not playing XBOX, I play games on There are many genres of games that are great and can be played with friends.