"Power Your Dreams" marketing campaign will be kicked off tomorrow

Since it is a live action CGI commercial I wonder how they’ll tie game pass into it, if they do at all. The small bit shown looked like it was AC Valhalla so I doubt game pass being in the video.

I think it will be reminiscent of the seriesX unviel video, but they will show more recent and real games.


It seems like this one will start the heavy marketing too so it should be interesting to see if they only put new games or other IP that don’t have release dates or new games planned while like the zenimax IPs, forza, fable etc. I would think they want to put stuff like Doom wolfenstein fallout and TES to get people to associate it with Xbox now since they are Xbox IP



People go nuts.

Well this isn’t powering MY dream then!

Gamepass announcements confirmed!

Ehh, kinda lame to be honest. Too short

I’m not expecting new studios or a new game but I would like to see games running on the series X.

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Another one:

These are just PR commercials guys!

Don’t know why anyone will expect gameplay or studio aqusations 🤦


As I just said above: people go nuts!

Told you this was going to be the start!


Man it shows how bad the halo delays hurts


I look at it in a positive like if they were this far in with all the marketing and still delayed it, Xbox Game Studios is in really good hands. If they are good enough to delay their biggest exclusive after saying it’s coming launch and having huge hype a year before with the announcement of the console then I feel like they won’t screw up this.

Put it this way the old Microsoft/Xbox would’ve launched Halo in any state just to get it out at launch, you can see times have changed and Microsoft now know they don’t need to rely on a single title now. If this was 2013 they would’ve launched Halo in any state at all because of how little IP and studios they owned.

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I like it. I think promoting Halo still makes sense. Once most consumers are able to actually access Series X/S outside of the super hardcore, Halo will be only months away. Not too early to promote their biggest release in years.


That ad is awesome.

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Hollywood promotes movies that will be launched almost a year after the trailer and that’s has become kinda of a standard. I see no problem with Xbox promoting Halo now.