Possible Issue - You cannot play Installed Xbox One games offline on Xbox Series X

Not an issue for me personally but you know this will cause an outrage soon so Just letting you guys know about the issue.

So Naturally xbox is getting accused of DRM and bad practices like back in 2013.

That makes sense that you have to update them first

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Tell that to twitter

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Sometimes I wish it could be like that…World would be more peaceful

Don’t the games need an update before playing them? I don’t see a problem.

Basically making something out of nothing what else is new

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Media preservation gaming is the one over this.


Is the connection only once the first time you boot the game? Microsoft is using software for BC so I imagine it needs to check for a connection?

I think once you connect once you can boot it up normally while offline.

It’s checking for the auto HDR configuration which all BC games have now. A small inconvenience for enhanced presentation

But a lot of the preservation purists are disgusted by it cause they are a rational bunch lol

I’m sure its only the preservationists that are upset and not anyone else lol.

Not ideal but I’ll take it if its a one off.