Possible Bug with Preview Program that Shuts Down Xbox Series X

Hey everyone,

Has anybody tried Borderlands 3 on Series X? Everytime I boot it up it shuts down my console.

I will try reinstalling in the meantime.



I took my series X off Preview Program and will try launching some games once the update runs back. Will let you all know If I run into any issues.

Update: Borderlands 3 booted fine after removal from the preview program and reinstalling the game (just in case).


I’m not going anywhere near the preview program with my Series X for a long time. Was on it with the One, One and One X. Looking forward to a stable experience for a change.


Preview program did some weird shit to my previous consoles, so I won’t be enrolling this time around.


This was happening to my friend last night while we were playing co-op.

He had 3 hard shut downs in the span of a couple hours.

I don’t think he’s in the preview program however; not sure what’s going on.