Popularity of MS IP's on Steam (how Halo is the most American IP)

I just checked SteamDB. Was wondering if all MS IP’s performed similar on Steam, both in absolute numbers and popularity per time of day.

The times in these images are European times, so it’s clear Sea of Thieves is the most popular in the afternoon in Europe, which leads to believe it’s the most ‘eastern’ IP for MS.

Halo is the most popular during Europes nighttime, which could point to the IP being more popular in America (which isn’t a surprise).

Grounded and Age of Empires seem to be doing equally well in multiple regions.

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Yeah Halo has always been USA centric, but I know there is a huge fan base in other countries as well.

Since Infinite is going to be free to play, I actually think the numbers and popularity will be much bigger than any other previous game because the game isn’t strictly locked to Xbox. MCC is a great game but it is at the end of the day a collection of decade old games.

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I think MS still has a lot of work to do if they want Halo Infinite to be a success in the rest of the world. Even with PC support.

Not too suprised, although AOE always struck me as bigger in Europe.

Seems to have a fairly big US fanbase (or it’s an Asian fanbase), as there is a bump in users 3AM in the morning UK time.