Poll: what do you think Arkane Austin's game will be ? And what would you like it to be?

I am quite tempted to start one myself.

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When they started this spree, I hoped they’d get them. Ex FASA leads there. FASA was such a great studio. One of the most puzzling closures in the Xbox 1st party history. One of the first cuts when they went under Windows. I’ve purchased the Shadowrun games from Steam but haven’t played them yet mostly due to the fact I barely play on PC these days.

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HBS are a good reason I want Xbox to buy Paradox Interactive. That and the WoD IP, for my grand HoloLens tabletop gaming conspiracy.

The HBS games are fantastic, I only got to play the first before I got rid of my PC, but I hear the sequels just got better.

My take is why not both? Cyperpunk 2077 didn’t manage to scratch the Cyperpunk Immersive Sim itch, just whet my appetite for something in a similar vein with more flavour. I can’t think of a Cyperpunk dystopia with more flavour than Shadowrun.

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HBS understand Cyberpunk 1000 times more than CDPR too, the sequels improved on the first soooo much.

Shadowrun! Bring it back!

(not you prsonally deSync, you know :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Pretty clutch to have gotten the entire shadowrun collection on Epic for free a while back lol, have installed the director’s cut one they did, gotta check it out soon.

Glad to have so many options on pc right now. :innocent:

I want Prey 2 but it’ll likely be a new IP since Prey didn’t set the world on fire. Hopefully it’s Sci-fi and an immersive sim.

Neither Prey nor Dishonoured were successful enough to merit a sequel at a time that Arkane had to worry about sales, so they would have started something new. Had they released now straight on Gamepass, maybe a sequel would have happened.

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Open World Vampire Diaries

I’d love a new IP with Harvey Smith at the helm. I’ve been a huge fan of his ever since the original Deus Ex.