Poll : Do you think you will buy Battle Passes for Halo Infinite?

Fortnite’s model “works” because you will need to pay again only if you don’t play enough. In some sense, they are rewarding your commitment with “free” battle passes or coins to unlock some cosmetics. Notice that they had to increase prices of cosmetics (so that the “free coins” are no longer enough) and create a second-tier battle pass (fortnite crew) to have a more sustainable revenue stream.

In Halo Infinite, you pay once and have unlimited time to unlock all levels. Effectively, that would mean that you only had to pay once for all Infinite’s lifetime (both on money and commitment). So… I don’t expect this fortnite model to be replicated on Halo Infinite.

Also, if I am not mistaken, the plunder pass (sea of thieves) does not work as in fortnite. Most likely, they will replicate this model.


I wonder if the Battle Pass in Infinite will be more costly because it is perm.

It cannot cost more than Warzone 20€ for Rambo OR John McClane…XD

There’s no way I won’t buy some Battle Passes. I’ve really enjoyed unlocking content in the MCC (especially the name plates for some reason) and have no doubt I’m going to continue in Infinite. Some of the armor sets look so cool already; how can I not with one of my favorite franchises out there. The fact that the game is free makes it much easier to throw money at it every once in a while. I’m more hesitant when the games are full priced.

Prior to Game Pass, it was very very rare for me to ever spend extra money on a game through microtransactions and battle passes. Now that I’m getting access to a huge library of games (with my subscription running into 2023) I’ve definitely noticed that I’ve been spending some money here and there on cosmetics, DLC and in game currency.


them never expiring makes it a very hard decision between “never willing to buy any battle pass” vs “hmm okay maybe I dont wanna buy this right now but the content is pretty dope so Im glad I can return to buy this any time in the future”

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