Pokémon Presents

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Damit I have a appointment for a room in a flat sharing community at this moment :sweat_smile:

Diamond and Pearl is the only thing I care for so I’ll give it a watch and hope :joy:

Looks like I’ll be using my switch again in early 2022 haha

I was so hyped for the Sinnoh remake, but I don’t know how to feel about the art style :frowning: The lighting looks so odd.

Pokémon Legends has me intrigued, but it looked really rough aswell.

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Game Freak actually doing something different for once with Pokemon Legends, that’s great to see. You can still see the graphical limitations. I might say it looks even worse than Sword and Shield, but that’s just me.

But surely I’m not the only one who thought the Diamond/Pearl remakes looked like ass? Didn’t like it whatsoever.


They need to upgrade their hardware.

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The 3DS games look better than the Sinnoh remakes to be honest. I’m disappointed. And yeah, the concept of Pokemon Legends is cool, but it is really rough in terms of graphics. Hope we’ll see some improvement before release.

I got 0 faith in Game Freak.

Really, really rough. It reminds those mobile knockoffs ads we see on the Google Play store.

But like I said, I’m intrigued. There shouldn’t be any gym battles on ancient Sinnoh. Is it a catching game solely? The goal is to build the first Pokédex, which sounds awesome! But I really need to know more.

I think Game Freak should really go back to 2D games like HG/SS and B/W. That was their prime, and old school games are trending again.

the performance of the Legends game definitely looks pretty bad, like the aliasing is through the roof while the framerate is tanking harder than Shuckle lmao. But the game itself I’m pretty hyped for! The first gamefreak game I’m hyped for in aaggessss

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Yeah, the sprites and everything were top-notch during Gen 5. Would really love to see a return to that artstyle rather than the 3D Switch games which all look disappointing.

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They should really, really work on the remakes’ lighting. I mean, what is the purpose of the light post if it doesn’t light anything? There are shadows around it!

Compare to Gen 5:

The remake legit looks worse than the original. I’ll still get Diamond, but damn.

Legends doesn’t look amazing either but they have plenty of time to polish it

If the Diamond/Pearl remakes looked like Link’s Awakening, I’d be happy. But what we have doesn’t look visually appealing to me.

Also, lmfao, can’t wait for these remakes to be $60.

Tired of people defending mediocre output from The Pokemon Game Company for over a decade now. The highest grossing franchise on the phase of the earth and their games look continuously mediocre.

the important takeaway is people should support this new experiment by Gamefreak so that they don’t be like “fuck this, we’ll go back to the same middling mainline we’ve been pumping out that have gotten stale as fuck but which still keep sell insanely well”. I want this to be successful for for TPC and Nintendo to be like oh yeah, there’s room for more expression in this beloved, huge IP outside this tried and tested but stagnated formula and actually fund more of these new experiences.

And yeah, when it comes to the game itself, building the first pokedex is an intriguing endeavor. I don’t think there’ll be any gyms either. As you said, we gotta see more of the game to know what they’re trying to do with it and I’m personally actually happy that gamefreak is allowed to do something new for once. This explains why the remake has been handed over to another studio while the SNAP game is being done by Bandai Namco, to give GF more time on getting this right and I’m all for it.

Also, for suuure, the Switch is already showing its age. Jesus christ the game looked rough in the trailer. I hope a midgen refresh of sorts happens next year.

lmfao it’s trueeee

Well, I definitley need to get a Switch now.