PlayStation Showcase 2021 OT

Yep, Grubb was right, an event to detail what’s coming next in September.

Jim Ryan can lie as easy as he can breathe. Its unbelievable.

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What do you mean? It’s a generic headline like countless others.


Really? What is Tango doing then? Hoping for The Evil Within 3!!!

It’s been a few months that this was discussed in the XGS thread, but apparently a big part of the studio is doing something else.

Hyped!!! Expecting a God of War Ragnarok gameplay trailer and anything else I get is just a bonus. Let’s go baby!!! Whooo!!!

Oh, okay. Didn’t even know that. In that case, im hoping it’s TEW 3!!!

We’ll see, it seems a rumour like the alleged Wolf 3 which now we don’t even know if it does exist, lol. Anyway Ghostwire is due to release “early 2022”, which is Q1 (spring is Q2, summer is Q3 and fall Q4, standard convention), so if they don’t show anything the game is delayed again almost certainly.

Pfft, God of War, Ghostwire Tokyo, Gran Turismo…you guys worrying about small potatoes. It’s so adorable

I’m all about that sick Abandoned reveal bombshell hype. Gimme some of that Kojima/Kahraman goodness and everything else is a bonus. Woo!!! Let’s GOOOO…cough

Sick Jim Carrey GIF


Hassan has you covered, believe it!

I’m interested in seeing God of War and whatever Naughty Dog is making.

I expect the FromSoft exclusive here. I’m also thinking Street Fighter 6 and/or Dragon’s Dogma 2… I do not believe either title will be exclusive (Capcom leak, the actual data breach one that’s been correct on everything so far, stated both games are also on Xbox). First party updates are a given, and there will probably be a few brand new first party game announcements. Maybe we’ll finally get a FFXVI update. I don’t expect acquisition news.

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This is probably another legally obligated press conference. Sony would just assume skip E3 type events but their contracts are forcing them to market certain games. Just my guess, but what confidence does anyone even have left in Sony at this point. Low expectations from this disappointed PS5 owner.

Looking to sell that PS5 for cheap by any chance? :wink:

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Sorry to hear that. As a fellow PS5 owner, I have been perfectly happy and satisfied with it as my secondary full exclusives only console. Been super thrilled with the Series X as my primary and as long as I get 1 or 2 8+/10 exclusives from Sony a year, im perfectly content because after all it’s second for a reason. lol.

As for the showcase, my only expectation is God of War Ragnarok gameplay. I get this and im set until Horizon and GOWR release. If I get anything else next week to add to my list, it’s simply bonuses for me.


I have a 5 year old. It was his birthday present. It will collect dust in the living room next to the heavily played Xbox and Switch for years to come at least until there is something worth playing beyond the games we’ve finished. When you play all multiplats on Xbox you begin to see the lack of value on PlayStation side. We even have PS Now PS plus and an external usb of every noteworthy PS exclusive. I want Sony to make big E3 level announcements, they are falling on their face this generation. Sales mean nothing to those who own the system and have already played the launch games.


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Where are the Xbox scoops now ? :grin:

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You think factions or a TLOU remake appearance