PlayStation Games Launcher incoming to PC? Logo spotted

Someone sent me this twitter post:

and I noticed something odd…

are Sony going to compete in the PC space next gen with their own launcher?


To be honest, that could be anything PS related. I think Sony is big enough of a publisher to have their own launcher… but does it make sense?

Would love to get a better PS Now experience on PC though.

I agree, I recently tried PSnow on PC and found it not be great. Certaintly not as good as either xCloud or Stadia.

The app’s lack of search functionality was infuriating, especially as they’ve got so many titles on there and the input delay made playing games more or less impossible.

I think with their increasing PC push, it’s possible we’ll see efforts trying to emulate MS and a launcher is possible

Interesting. It is crazy that Horizon Zero Dawn is going to PC. It’d be the smart thing to do.

Yep. It could be what we think it is, but they also probably have their own internal software and, for all it’s worth, one of these could have this logo.

Seems legit. Bloodborne finally on PC.

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This is how you create disappointment. :wink:


I think that they will. Is that it though? Not sure. The red color to me indicates that it’s an internal tool.

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I would love them to bring games to PC. Then I could just get a PC and XSX for living room.

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For me it would be a surprise if that’s turned out to be the case. More games on PC are always welcome regardless.

It’s inevitable, as is Sony doing the same as GamePass…it’s a matter of when, not if. So they’ll be on PC sooner than people think.

I mentioned this on the podcast a while back. They’ll have their own launcher eventually. Just a matter of when.

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Lol, if this is indeed gonna happen, then ngl I’ll forgive them for the garbage tactics as of late with the avengers game I was never buying in the first place. :joy::triumph:

Tbh I always thought that just launching games on Pc without their store or ecosystem there wasn’t a good idea, hope it won’t take long and that it offers cross buy with the console

Interesting. I would be a big fan, but i don’t think they’re ready to make the leap just yet. I think it would muddy their messaging. It might be something they announce in year 2 or 3 of the nextgen though.

It would make sense to announce the launcher with a big game. GOW is heavily rumored to be coming to PC, so maybe they’ll have a launcher to go with it.

Yeah, that’s a good point. They might ease their way into it and just have a launcher for their older games they’re bringing to PC. It would make sense to have a centralized platform for those. They might wait for a few more though. Would look pretty pathetic with just a handful of games.

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I don’t know. We are seeing a developer’s screen, or a Sony staff screen if you prefer. I think could be an application for devs or any other internal app for Playstation people.