PlayStation Arabia accidentally posted the whole RE Showcase ahead of time



New mode includes a Mercenaries Mode

Playstation users get early access to the 30 minute demo.

Dead by Daylight X Resident Evil

New Resident Evil Netflix Animated movie in July.

No mention of other platforms at all in video. Heavily leaned into by Sony with appearences from people by Naughty Dog, Cerny, Shu and others.


But we know the game is coming on Xbox.

Yeah, Sony has tight exclusive marketing.

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Looks like Sony tried desperately to get RE8 as a timed exclusive but failed so paid a shit ton for marketing and promotion.

Good on Capcom for not bending over like some other companies. Sony can have the marketing deals. I’m just glad I can play this on series x in May


That’s where I’m at. Sony must have fought tough and nail to try to get timed if not full exclusivity judging by how heavily marketed this is by them.

I watched the RE showcase on the RE youtube channel and they did mention Xbox. There’s also RE 4 going to Oculus.

That’s what I get for watching the leaked PlayStation stream.

Yeah, I always watch stuff like this on the official youtube channel.

But it didn’t leak early on the official channel.

So day 1 on Xbox as well ? Phew. Glad it’s not another FF situation.

It’s clear that Sony doesn’t have their heavy hitters for another year so they’re being ultra aggressive in trying to buy up exclusivity. This is going to be the battle for 3P exclusivity. I’m curious what Phil has in store in regards to the big 3P AAA deals. It’s time to fight fire with fire.

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It’s been Day 1 since it was announced at the first Sony Future of Gaming.

Greenberg has been talking about it for months.

Have you not been paying attention?

So has anyone seen this??

Supposedly the Performance targets for RE8

45FPS is horrible so no idea why theyre advertising it.

Also What the FUCK is up with Series S limited to 1440p a 30FPS? The PS4 PRo and One X have 1080p 60 options but Series S has no 1080p option? when it can easily run the game at 108060 with vastly superior load times as well.

Sony must have paid a lot of money to gimp the Xbox versions for Parity.

I’m guessing they will be patched in the future.

I would imagine the Series S versions are running the next-gen profiles as opposed to the X/PS4 versions… IE Higher Textures, load times etc.

They’re probably not 1:1 versions.

Even still…you can set that version to 1080p to boost FPS easily.

Who the hell wants to play a game in 45FPS?

I’m not sure what percentage of gamers I speak for but I will choose Ray Tracing mode regardless of reduced frame rates. For me personally I want to see the best possible graphics.

Regardless? I don’t believe you. Because reduced framerate is locked 30 and that’s fine. Ray tracing at 30fps is absolutely fine this gen. 45 is inconsistent and makes the image appear juddery and weird. It will give anyone a headache. Either be around 60 or 30. 45 is a bizarre number. We’ll see when thr gsme comes out.

I think you speak for a very single digit percentage of gamer who wants bad frame rate over what looks like a great looking game regardless.

And 45fps is bad. Worse than locked 30. 45 basically means it runs from 30 to 60 inconsistent.

Well I’m not the developer so if they only give the option of 45 fps but that mode has the best graphics then that’s what I’m going with. I’m sure it won’t be stuttering mess it will be okay. I’d say it will be future proof too since the next iteration of Xbox hardware will smooth it out.

I’ve seen people saying that 45fps is way to that the framerate is unlocked and this is the lowest point it can achieve.

But don’t know if it’s true, but 45fps is something really not great for gaming.

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I hope they have the option to try both modes in the demo.