PlayStation 5 vs. Xbox Series X - 8 Games Loading Times Compared

So it looks new games for this gen are extremely close with PS5 being 2-3 seconds faster while Series X has a definitive edge over last gen games.

Looks like Series X’s velocity architecture is a work of wizards. One great feature that isn’t talked about either is Quick Resume, how it essentially eliminates loading screens.


It was clear from the beginning that the difference would be not as big as many thought. Only shows those guys who thought this have no PC with MVMe and normal SSDs installed. I tested game loading times on my system and the difference was not as big too when it comes to game loading times. The big difference between the two is latency and sequential reading. But how often you have data that you can sequential read. The usual access pattern is random access anyway.


pretty much, it’s obvious why it’s gotten only passing mention, but to me it’s the most next gen feature i’ve experienced. Yes it’s been great having shorter load times in rdr 2 or forza horizon 4 and a slew of other games, but even better has just been never having to see that initial load for either of them after many many sessions. It especially has changed how i played forza, since before it was the biggest pain to have to go through that load each time and also end up at one of the houses as a starting point instead of wherever i had actually left off.

That said, unsurprising that the difference in load times between the two systems is only a matter of a few seconds, it was said over and over that the only games that would truly use the faster ssd of the ps5 would be ones exclusively designed for it. the by the margins differences and benefits of each console are only gonna matter for non-multiplatform games to a significant extent. And a thing that was always said is that for both the boost from going from harddrives to solid state would be much more significantly felt than any differences between the ssd models.


Zero games presently use the most important element of the XVA (SFS).


Dont think any games are optimized to use Velocity architecture too.


The PS5 SSD turned out to be the ultimate nothingburger


It’s looking good so far, but as others said we won’t see games truly optimized for a while. I’m thinking 2022, with stuff like Fable and Hellblade 2. SFS, DirectStorage, etc could make a difference in the future.

In the end though, the real winners are the gamers. No more crappy mobile CPU and slow HDD. I have a very good feeling about this gen, especially if Nintendo releases new HW soon. The big 3 could finally be on fire simultaneously.


The true test will be on next gen games that are designed with ssds and faster io from the ground up.

When that Unreal Engine demo appeared and also talks about Sony’s SSD didn’t some people say the biggest improvement in loading times for PS5 would be their own games? Spidey MM shows it, DS probably too. It was also discussed on forums that third party devs probably wouldn’t take full advantage of PS5’s SSD since games are made with PC in mind.

I guess that could be a factor as well?

It will be interesting to see which game would be the first to not support harddrive.

SSD is a must🤔

When last gen support is dropped an ssd will be required on PC, but only a sata or better.