PlayStation 5 |OT| This SSD has no limits

Yes. I think in PlayStation’s case the console is the core of it all though. It doesn’t have to be the biggest part (it won’t be), but it’s from where the brand power eminates so to speak. This gives a boost in every other branch so to speak.

That’s why I think it will remain a high priority.


Absolutely, it will always be their #1 because it’s where they get 100% of their own cuts (outside of publishing deals like Helldivers II) and up to 30% of other’s sales. It’s not going anywhere just because some of their games will.


I think they should continue their day one releases on PC for the MP/GaaS games, shorten the time it takes for their other titles to come to PC and have a similar timespan for releasing their biggest GaaS on Xbox for a second wind.

I think that would bring in a lot of money without causing any problems.

And growing…

Any modern parent knows their kids are mainly interested in Mobile and PC gaming (mostly Mobile in my case - to my disgust :rofl:).

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My 8 year old son likes (in order)


Quest VR


PC (Steam)

Nintendo Switch

iPad is still king (but not by much) … I was surprised how fast Meta Quest moved up the list. He really loves it.

(Also this is the PlayStation thread so I should probably mention that our PS5 was his least favorite, we sold it and used the PS5 money to buy his PC).

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What’s the likelihood do you think of Sony nickel diming their Pro customers? Has anyone heard any rumours about the approach?

As I’ll likely get one to catch up with PlayStation friends, but if I find out Sony are only doing the automatic upscaling (Turbo Mode or whatever on unoptimised games) for free and charging for the actual “enhanced for Pro” updates I’ll cancel my pre-order and make other plans.

The PS4 Pro ones were free but seeing PlayStation charge ten quid per game to play it a little better on your PS5 you’d just given them a lot of money for seemed tacky - particularly when their rival publishers and Xbox weren’t.

In a similar vein, do games on PS Plus have the PS5 version if one’s available, or are they all / nearly the PS4 version?

Particularly first party games once they reach it.

As I doubt I’ll waste my money on Premium if it doesn’t allow me to play the best versions of the games - and may also make me reconsider my purchase as it would exemplify for me that “arrogant” Sony are very much back and consumers are there to be fleeced…

I’ve probably been spoilt by the pro-consumer approach of Xbox, that I’m only just beginning to realise how many cons (both figuratively and literally) there can be gaming on PlayStation…

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I suppose everything will become clear once the Pro is actually revealed?

I allready have a PS5 so not interested in getting a Pro, but if I was buying into the platform that’s what I would go for naturally.

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Yep I’m hoping they do it the same as the PS4 Pro enhancements, but after the PS5 upgrade charges I’ve realised I shouldn’t take that for granted lol.

Guess I’ll pre-order when the unveil it, then cancel the pre-order if the bad news comes out - hoping they’ll have sorted PS Plus too by then as from what I can tell it’s a bit of a mess on which games have their PS5 versions in it and which only have the PS4 ones…

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Maybe im just misunderstanding what you’re asking but games will simply look and run better on PlayStation 5 Pro than they would on the base PlayStation 5. I don’t understand what you think Sony would be charging you for exactly?

Even if GTA VI is slightly better on a PS5 Pro, Im not going to buy $500+ marginal upgrade so that I can have a few extra shrubs and a couple more reflections.

Particularly when a year-ish later a new Xbox might drop and the system will just get an improved version. Even if I have to buy the game again, that is cheaper than buying another PlayStation I will barely use.


The automatic updates will be fine, it’s more whether they might charge for “Pro Enhanced” versions.

I’m hoping you’re right and the Pro profile will automatically be picked up on the same game, like the PS4 Pro, so Sony / Take Two (the main ones who charged for PS5 upgrades) couldn’t charge more even if they wanted to.

It’s the most likely course anyway.

The other question was whether most games in Plus are the PS5 version if one exists? I don’t want to sub just to discover most of the games are the PS4 copy and I won’t be getting the best picture etc

But these “automatic” updates will be limited to games that have either dynamic res or frame time dips. That’s as far as the HW improvements will take a PS5 game with no developer intervention.

The main meat of the HW upgrades are to bring the PS5 into line with RDNA 2 compatibility (mesh shader, VRS etc), improved ray tracing performance and to add PSSR. None of those would be useable in a game without developer work and a Pro patch.

So for games developed with Pro in mind then sure you’ll just get the pro version if you have a pro but for older games where they would need to go back and do updates who knows. Recent Sony behaviour would suggest an upgrade fee of some kind.

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Yep that’s the concern - I’m hoping it can only be applied as a patch to a game, not a separate version, so Sony can’t actually find a way to charge for it.

But given their approach with the PS5 upgrades I’m not so sure - part of the reason I held off this long before getting one (despite most of my local friends being PlayStation - it’s only my uni mates that are still Xbox like me) is that I found it a bit rich to say “please buy our brand new, expensive console - but if you want your old games to play better on it please pay £10” compared to the Xbox free upgrade approach

As you said, PS4 was Pro Enhanced and all the data is on the disc or in the digital download based on the console you’re playing the game on so I don’t see anything different happening here.

If you go to the website and look up the games for Deluxe/Premium, im pretty sure it lists the versions of the games.

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Oh, this will be good I think.

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That was last year’s showcase announcement. I actually got duped by that earlier today. lol


Same here. Colt was trolling PS fans by saying he can’t wait for Project Eve and Helldivers 2.

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This is great!


Hahaha, well that’s what I get for not reading the fine print!

Ban @Hue ? :wink: