PlayStation 5 |OT| This SSD has no limits

Except the things you’re pointing out aren’t flaws…they’re opinions lol and they’re clearly not the case.

I mean they’re correct opinions. PlayStation 5 games are trending downwards in game sales. Doesn’t that back up my point? Other than Spider-Man of course. Even Spider-Man PS5 sales seem to be down though.

I wouldnt put spiderman at gows level tbf. Gameplay and pacing gets in the way

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Ratchet 2016 was great and Rift Apart was even better. My 2nd best game of 2021 and currently my 6th best game of the generation. From visuals to audio to combat/gameplay to a far more interesting story/characters, the game is excellent. Hoping for my Rivet spin off game. These games sell their few million copies which is what they’ve always done. They’re for a select audience and in this regard, they succeed.

Horizon Forbidden West was asked for by a lot of people. The game should have been delayed a few months but it’s an excellent game. While I had some issues with the combat/gameplay, everything is top tier. It’s also my 3rd best game of the generation. The first game ended on a cliffhanger just like the second game. Also, the story quests are freaking excellent where as most games story quests are mediocre.

Gran Turismo isn’t for me nor do I care about racing/sports game. They’re good for what they are and that’s it.

Ghost of Tsushima is just a single game and the second game hasn’t been confirmed to be an actual sequel. Could simply be a new “Ghost of” game. As someone who loves Ubisoft and Assassin’s Creed (for the most part), Tsushima is the better game. The combat/gameplay, stealth all feel better. Visually, looks amazing. Voice acting and music top notch. The story/characters is also better because while AC has different locations and whatnot, their present day story fucking sucks, never goes anywhere and should have been dropped when it was “rebooted” with AC Origins. I love Black Flag/Origins/Odyssey but unlike Tsushima, none of them won my own personal game of the year. Tsushima like Horizon for Guerrilla made Sucker Punch way better than ever before where as with Ubisoft, every time they get something right, they get two things wrong. Only negative with Tsushima is all the crap side activities but the character side quest story lines are better than any side quest in AC Origins/Odyssey.

If you believe that TLOU Factions and TLOU Remake aren’t going to do insane numbers, you’re in a fantasy world. Both will be huge. TLOU was the game of the 360/PS3 generation by pretty much everybody and while some disliked/hated the story/characters in TLOUP2, everything else was superb so imagine taking all that and having the far better story and characters. Barring major technical issues, be prepared to see a lot of 10/10 scores and easily pass 10m in sales very quickly and far quicker than TLOUP2.

Spider Man 2 is over a year away so I don’t know how you can say it’s two and a half games when it’s not. Also, Batman Arkham games were all in the same damn location. Even Gotham Knights is in the same location. And they did extremely well. Location is important but if gameplay wise, Insomniac adds cool shit when playing, the location being repeated isn’t going to matter.

These are only harsh truths for you as it’s obvious you’re not into Sony’s first party games. Waning sales? Miles is doing massive numbers. Ratchet is doing exactly what all their other games have done. HFW is top ten every month and will still hit that 20m mark by the time the third game releases in 5 or so years.

As for lack of excitement, I can only speak for myself. I’m very excited for God of War Ragnarok, Spider Man 2, Mature rated Wolverine (fuck yeah!!) and The Last of Us Remake. I’m also hopeful for a PlayStation Showcase during Summer Game Fest which if it happens, I will be very hyped and excited.


Some absolutely wild takes. Wow.

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Good points and I definitely think you represent and articulate very well many of the hardcore PlayStation fanbase. I think I represent the opinion of a more mainstream direction and where the potential future will be if PlayStation stays on its current path. Games need to be constantly changing and my lack of excitement is in the PlayStation sequels of Ratchet, Ghosts (if there is one), Gran Turismo, and Horizon.

I don’t think any PS5 game is doing massive numbers. It all depends on where you put the goal posts. Gamers will flock to Gamepass this generation and the player numbers of Gamepass will dwarf PS5 player numbers. Miles is a success and what I would call evergreen. It will sell massive numbers eventually. The other PS5 games have all had lower than expected numbers and they are somewhat evergreen but more in a value bundle kind of way. I’m of the opinion that some of these games exist because they are safe bets with built in audiences of hardcore PlayStation fans. The problem is I don’t see much growth when PlayStation is too reluctant to mix up the formula.

You made great points though. I guess only time will tell.

With Sonys recent comments about embracing multiplatform, I think they’d be smart to put those Spider-Man games on every ecosystem going. Steam, Xbox, EGS, Nintendo. Sales could easily hit Nintendo levels of say 40m per game if they did.

Thank you for the compliments.

Are you excited for more Halo, Gears and Forza? Because if you are, that tells me you’re just not into Sony’s first party games in general and that a few of them being sequels have nothing to do with it. Also, Tsushima is one game. Horizon is two games and I believe Horizon ends with the next main line game. Turismo is like Motorsport/Forza Horizon, they’re sports/racing games. If not annual, they’re every few years. It’s what they are. As for Ratchet, there’s a lot of them but if it’s someone like me who only started with Ratchet 2016, then none of those older games exist. The only Halo game I ever played was Infinite so for me, it’s a new franchise. In general, they’re not but for me personally, they are.

I believe that the majority of Sony’s first party games will surpass 10m lifetime with the massive games like God of War, Spider Man, TLOU/Uncharted most likely hitting 20m including PC.

I agree with you in regards to Game Pass numbers surpassing PS5 player numbers but let’s be honest, it’s only because people don’t have to buy the games on Xbox. Sea of Thieves has 25m players or something like that. If Game Pass didn’t exist, would it still have that many players? For a subscription monthly fee that includes hundreds of other games, people will play it but if they had to buy the game for $60 each, would they?

Xbox fans didn’t buy games like Quantum Break, Ryse, Recore and others before Game Pass even existed yet someone like me did and in the case of Recore, twice. So of course, they’re not going to buy them now. Hell, I see it so often here where just in general, no one wants to actually buy a new $60+ game day one.

As for the other games, it depends. Returnal is a rogue like game which isn’t for everyone including me. Ratchet sold what it was expected to sell. Miles is the biggest game thus far. HFW is second. When GOWR releases, it’s going to do big numbers. So will TLOU Remake especially for someone like me who was disappointed with the story/characters and direction of TLOUP2 so to replay the original TLOU but with the visuals, audio and combat/gameplay of TLOUP2 but keeping the original story and characters intact? Oh hell yeah. Day one for me. TLOU Remake I believe will do better then TLOUP2 did.

Sony doesn’t really need to mix up the formula because for them, it’s still effective. It still works. I personally love their formula. I don’t want every game being a “platform” or to be an online live service co-op/multi-player game. For some games, it makes sense but for others not at all. Also, I don’t mind buying games that I want to play especially when I know that the vast majority of them will be amazing for me and even more so, I don’t mind games being “one and done” which in all honesty, is pretty much every game for me in general anyway.

We’ll see how it all plays out. All I can say is that as of right now, both are surpassing what they did in the same 18 month time span compared to last generation.

It’s almost like people post in bad faith…I don’t know why these threads need to constantly devolve into console wars. PS could end up having a great year if all those things hit. This also doesn’t mean Xbox isn’t going to have a good year as well if it has a few surprises up its sleeves.


Halo Infinite was a big innovation from Halo 5. Infinite just feels so good to play. The Last of Us 2 was a big jump graphically from The Last Of Us 1. So I know both Xbox and PlayStation are capable of making sequels that are worth getting excited about. People should play both of those games.

Forza Horizon 5 uses a familiar formula but god damn if those graphics aren’t jaw dropping and the gameplay absolute perfection. The game really needs some DLC map additions though for variety. I’m hoping DLC1 will surprise drop in 3 weeks. Gran Turismo is too far behind to even compare at this point. Their technology is a decade behind Xbox.

God of War is great. But I’m not going to pretend like the graphics in the new one don’t look completely dated at this point in the current generation as a “prestige” title. Nevertheless it’s day 1 preorder for me. I will be spending $70 + tax and will be excited when it releases even if the graphics come off not using the full power of the PS5 to me.

The Spider-Man map is old to me at this point. Miles just added snow. Great game and I loved it but at the same time I want better next time. I expect much more effort for the next game. But at the end of the day I’m excited about Spider-Man 2 and will of course be spending $70+ tax to buy it day 1.

I think Ghosts of Tsushima and Horizion Forbidden West are PlayStations obsession with copying Ubisoft. The thing is nobody does Ubisoft better than Ubisoft. That’s my option but it’s also the mainstream opinion. I understand PlayStation diehards might say otherwise but that doesn’t reflect the larger gaming fanbase. If PlayStation wants to compete with Ubisoft they need to learn to change the setting and protagonist every game. Simple as that.

So I don’t want to be rude and call anyone out specifically but if you are calling any PlayStation criticism “console wars” or “trolling” then you are not actually adding to a productive conversation but are actually making an attempt to shut down discussion with insults.

The issue is that it’s never just criticism, fair or not. It’s criticism couched in console war type behavior aka comparing to Xbox or saying XYZ games are bad or dead when reality suggests otherwise. Again, some of the takes in here are ludicrous. In what world is Last of Us dying or Ghost of Tsushima not a stellar game? A person may not like a game, but to make such silly declarative statements reeks of console warring behavior. I just want a more level headed higher class of discussion but I suppose this is an Xbox forum and if that can’t happen I’ll go elsewhere.


All these critically acclaimed games played by millions and sold in millions are suggested to be dead for personal arguments sake :phil_lmao:

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Last of Us remaster is not going to set the world on fire. Neither is Last ofUs 2: online. I stand by those statements and will gladly remind everyone how right I was when the time comes. Until that day I guess we will just have to wait and see. Ghosts of Tsushima is great but I prefer Ubisoft games over Sony’s clones. Ubisoft games sell more too, it’s not like it should be controversial for me to say this.

Now I get it… If a game is not a hit like Elden Ring it doesn’t matter :phil_lmao:

Elden Ring is fantastic. What’s that have to do with anything?

You’re way off base with the Last of Us stuff my friend. And it’s not controversial, but you state things as if they’re facts across the board for everyone and that’s just nonsense.

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Did you mistake me for someone else?

Xbox in trouble in GaaS huh…