Playgrounds Fable confirmed to be using Forzatech

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Do you want to have a major impact on 3 AAA titles in development across 2 beloved Xbox franchises? ForzaTech is the engine, tools, and pipelines that …

Software Engineer- Turn10 Studios in Redmond, Washington, United States | Engineering at Microsoft

Apply for Software Engineer- Turn10 Studios job with Microsoft in Redmond, Washington, United States. Engineering at Microsoft

Do you want to have a major impact on 3 AAA titles in development across 2 beloved Xbox franchises? ForzaTech is the engine, tools, and pipelines that drive both the Forza Motorsport and Forza Horizon series of games. In addition to adding new features like raytracing to support the next console generation, we are also enriching the toolset to support an open world action RPG – Fable.

The Tech Share team at Turn 10 builds new systems and tools that benefit all games running on ForzaTech, helps teams design features and tools in a shareable way, and provides support for our cross-studio content teams. We are looking for a generalist who is comfortable working across many different areas and enjoys learning new systems to help us craft a better ForzaTech.

Interesting. On one hand they may need to add tools in Forzatech to do characters and all the stuff in a action rpg not found in a racing game. On the other hand the team have a ton of experience with forzatech. At least we can expect beautiful environments.


Makes sense. Quite a bit of the team has experience with the engine so it would probably be easier for them, even if they have to make modifications.


Just a reminder that Fable Legends looked like this :

I hope they took inspiration from this game for the artstyle. It was perfect.


This is old news. We heard about it a couple weeks ago. They are also not using much of the racing/driving code base for obvious reasons, but should be noted that that is the majority of what ForzaTech is in terms of being unique (other major elements being weather/physics, audio, rendering tech and asset streaming).

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I hope Playground has the goal of making Fable the greatest RPG of all time. Spare no expense, make it the ultimate graphical showcase with deep skill chains and lore.

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cool, so horse and carriage races will be glorious in Fable


This new post confirms it.

It was official a few weeks back iirc.

Yup, and considering the development with Epic,it totally makes sense how MS would be willing to support this. Epic was willing to give Sony major deals and PR while MS was one of their biggest clients. So when you treat your clientele like crap, then don’t be moaning when they flush away out to sea; to begin a whole new life without you.

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It isn’t really news and it was expected, the team has 10 year experience with the engine and FTech blows out of the water Unreal from a pyhisics and photogrammetry perspective, there is no open world Unreal game with such a degree of realism, see Flight Simulator for confirmation (even if in this case it is also thanks to Azure and Bing maps). They can even reuse FH4 England environment 1:1 for forests and hills and work only to add tools for rpgs.

Still I wonder how they will deal with making totally different game with mechanics unknown(?) to them. Not to say they won’t deliver quality game but I always have that doubt when some estabilished developer is going into unknown waters (Bioware - Anthem)

Well, for starters Anthem was rebooted how many times? 2? 3? Playground games track record from their first release (2012) to current times puts Bioware to shame (very big), so it’s not really comparable. Then the purpose of creating from scratch a new development team hiring rpg experts since late 2017 is exactly to build upon Ftech the necessary tools.

I am not comparing quality of games of Playground and Bioware, just saying that moving towards different genres may lead to lower quality. From Bioware it is noticable that they lost a track around 2010. They didn’t know how to evolve their game mechanics and also were forced by EA into unknown territory with online elements and game-as-service mechanics. I have reservations for this new Fable because Playgrounds didn;t make any other game other than racing game. I have high hopes for it, same as for Avowed and TES6 and don’t want to be disappointed.

We can only hope for Fable, but considering the world class talent they are hiring, the big investment from MS and the overall great quality control of Playground Games (from a studio culture perspective), I’m very positive, much more than Dragon Age 4.

Of DA4 I have no hopes at all, Bioware are finished I think.

We’ll see, I hope at least it won’t be a disaster like Anthem or Andromeda, the studio could be shut down if that’s the case (I never saw a studio recover from 3 consecutive AAA failures). Returning to Fable, we never saw a real grand scale in the previous games (from an overall perspective), because at that time, only Bethesda and Bioware were producing grand scale AAA rpgs (it’s still a difficult niche, only CDPR has entered the fray, Larian games are still much more contained in scope with no 3D environment and Bethesda/inXile only with MS acquisition will produce that kind of games), one more thing to be excited for.

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One interesting thing about Bioware demise. I think that evolution of Bioware RPG games starting with KOTOR and Jade Empire which were big departure from likes of Baldur’s Gate or Neverwinter Nights, especially scrapping isometric view, contributed to revival of ‘indie’ old school rpg’s like Pillars of Eternity and Divinity Original Sin.

Well, KOTOR was their first try into the 3D rpgs, at the time the only big one was Morrowind (also Fable, which had a similar scope to KOTOR) and then Jade Empire, Mass Effect and Dragon Age are sons of that choice and they have never looked back (for obvious money reasons). The revival of isometic rpgs is a phenomenon from a decade after that choice, imo it’s unrelated and more attached to the death of the genre after the demise of Interplay.

With Fable Playground can (and will imo) enter in the rpg gotha if they will nail it, CDPR was recognized after only one great success, which also retro actively gave value to the underestimated Witcher 2.

Oh well, this thread seems popular enough :wink:

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