Player decorates Starborn Ship in Starfield beta build


That’s looking so nice, The SG is a pretty looking ship even when empty and looking at the video and images it looks really good with personal decorations.


That’s pretty nice ! The ship looked like it was meant to be decorated by the player.

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Looks like I’ll be spending a chunk of the 15th doing this! I’ll keep the entrance part free of decorations though, it looks a bit too cluttered with furniture there.

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Do people use the Starborn ship? I liked it for a bit, but nothing beats making my own hauler.

Absolutely hate it, for each NG+ the first thing I prioritised was getting a decent ship again :rofl:

I always make my own ship, and usually it’s a cockpit, and one Hab attached to bracers and engines.

I would use the SG if it was possible to upgrade it.

Yeah, only because I love the panoramic view from the cockpit. Will use something else when I’m ready to start delving into ship building a bit more.