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Welcome Spartans!

Are you looking for mates to play with or try out your new Forge map?

Look no further, is here to save the day! allows you to create cross-platform posts from your PC or mobile directly on the Xbox Network.

Which means your LFG will be visible to all players & friends on their console (LFG tab) and PC (Xbox Game Bar).

Create a group

Join using your Xbox account and create your group in a few seconds.

  • Pick a day / time
  • Specify your group size
  • Use your favorites tags
  • Add a description
  • Attach your favorite Xbox DVR screenshots
  • Create!

Note: All fields are optional / have a default value :wink:

Invite your attendees

Once approved, you can use our “Invite to a game” feature to send a Xbox notification to all your attendees and they’ll be able to join your active Halo Infinite lobby instantly!

Let’s chat!

Until the release of our group chat feature, use the “Create a conversation” option to create a conversation group and use your Xbox, PC or mobile (Xbox app) to chat with your attendees before, during or after your games.

Share it

Looking for more players? Grab your group URL and share it on XboxEra, Discord, Twitter, MMS… Fax? Gather your group and play all night!

Who needs a custom game browser anyway?

Have fun Spartans!