Plan 8 reveal trailer, Next-Gen, 4K/60fps



Saw this trailer a year ago. Looks great and like you’re in Terminator 2. Just hoping I can play solo like in Crimson Desert and im all in.


Really?! Same exact one? I just saw it uploaded today. :confused:

Same company as Crimson Desert and it looks visually similar, so assuming same engine maybe.

I’m pretty sure. And yes, it’s from Pearl Abyss. Dated November 22nd, 2019.


I remember seeing this a while back and thought it looked interesting. I haven’t played enough of Black Desert to determine how much of a grind was there, but I did love the combat system. Between this and Crimson Desert, I think Pearl Abyss is putting out some incredibly impressive, unique MMOs that warrant every online-RPG fan’s attention.


This looks real cool.

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Nothing really looks next gen about it. I feel its going to take a while for devs to really make these new machines have visuals which look “next gen”

Apart from hellblade 2 demo this new gens visuals is like current gen + 60fps/better textures/tessalation/more expensive light sources/slightly higher polycounts. It feels so far like Xbox 1X.5 or PS4 pro 2

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Yeah it looks like super polished intro next gen to me, if that makes sense. Wave 2 stuff shown later in 2021 will be where things really take off imho.


That looks cool


Maybe, but I dont know what the differating next gen feature is for this game yet. I think the first intro into next gen will be the next battlefield.

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Nothing looks next gen when compared to Hellblade. Unity demo comes close it. But Hellblade doesn’t give the impression of in-game gameplay to me. My mind will blow away if what we saw comes to in-game as well (even at 30 fps or maybe after utilising DirectML)

Both plan 8 and Crimson desert gives a look for next gen with in-game gameplay impression to me.

Let’s wait and see how much of the trailers content get materialise in final product.

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Visually its looks current gen, the next gen ness will come from more objects on screen, like enemies and other geometry.

Damn, this looks pretty cool. Curious to see what type of systems and MMO features they’re going for.

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This looks pretty awesome, always up for trying more games.

Looks really good, but the fact that it’s labeled as an MMO means it’s probably not for me. I hope there are PvE only ways to play it so other people can’t ruin my fun just for the hell of it.

The trailer mostly shows people fighting robots, not humans, so I’m sure it’ll be fine.

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Here’s hoping! I haven’t been able to get into an MMO since the original EverQuest (which is probably good, since that game is the main reason I never graduated college) but this looks really fun so I’m hoping it’s something I’ll enjoy.