Phill Spencer on Xbox Series X|S units: "Xbox Series X/S Demand to Exceed Supply for Months"


This is excellent news for the Xbox brand itself as Xbox One wasn’t hard to find and buy after launch month as they were pretty easy to get. The bad news is that those who really want one will have to be patient and wait.

Phil makes excellent points in regards to pre-ordering needing to be better and to do something about the assholes using bot-scripts.


Still waiting for a ship date on amazon

Weirdly a blessing the launch lineup is pretty eh and the games are crossgen. By the time the heavy hitters roll around, it should be available for all, and for early adopters (present company included) we get to enjoy the upgrades and back compat.

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That’s good, a sold out console is more attractive. You don’t want empty PS-shelves and full Xbox shelves, even if they sold a lot and were just good at meeting demand it would still look bad/be spun that way.

It’s easy for me to say I guess since I have 2 preordered (1 is a backup!) I guess but still.

I’m curious how Microsoft made so many less units than Sony did despite being so “ready” for so long.

They also don’t rely on China for all their manufacturing so they should have been able to put out more inventory than Sony.

Something is amiss here.

Indeed! It’s COVID-19 season, not everyone will like to be forced to buy a 500 Euros console just to keep on enjoying the latest releases. Good move by MS and Sony both to keep their heavy-hitters cross-gen for the time being until supply and, in general, the whole world sorts itself out.

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At this rate I expect half of the planned 2021 releases to slip into 2022, Covid-19 is seemingly becoming worse than the first wave so the industry isn’t going to directly recover next year.

Expected given that there’s demand for a hard to produce product and the further implications thanks to coronavirus.

Now confirm my order as delivery on day one please GAME, that’ll be nice.

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Did they made less units than Sony? I thought they were launching at more countries this time around

Xss is $299, so I expect Xss to move in higher quantities than the other consoles in several large markets.

They made some of these outside of China?

Yep. Also making me feel better about grabbing an S when I couldn’t get an X right away… Never did get the X pre-ordered, so I’m happy to trade some pixels for SSD and 120 FPS until I can snag one and upgrade!

Glad I got my pre order in. Can’t wait for this baby to land at my house.

Never got a preorder in and haven’t been able to get one in since.

Yeah, hopefully I can get a Series X in the Spring :frowning:

I expect both systems to be sold out well into next year.

I should clarify here.

My Series X pre-order was delayed. I won’t be part of day one allocation. I had a LOT of problems getting even that pre-order.

I had zero issues getting a PS5. None at all and to be frank, I doubt that Series X pre-orders are higher than PS5 right?

So I went to my normal gaming retailer (now that lockdown has FINALLY fucking lifted) to find out wha the deal was. The girl I normally talk to said her pre-order slipped also. Apparently, their store got 300 PS5s and only 40 Xboxes. Now JB Hifi has 300 stores across Australia and New Zealand. Extrapolate that inventory disparity across 300 stores, then throw in a similar situation at EB Games and it seems pretty obvious no?

Either one of two things has happened.

  1. Microsoft no longer considers Australia one of their “strong” markets and just didn’t allocate much stock here

  2. They just didn’t make anywhere near as many as Sony did

Now remember we did have Sony not that long ago talk about doubling production before winding it back a bit.

So I was just curious how Microsoft managed to have the hardware so ready so early, also not rely as heavily on China and yet somehow manage to make less than Sony. Assuming that was the case.

I think it could also be covid related supply chain issues; the new Xboxes are launching in more countries than in prior generations.