Phil Spencer wants a handheld Xbox

An Xbox Handheld could literally provide everything phil wants out of the platform – multiple stores, the play anywhere feature – but the biggest boon it could have over Steam Deck is a dedicated GUI that allows snapping between the classic, console interface of Xbox and Windows for the other store usage.

The entire point of an Xbox handheld is that it’s an Xbox, swapping to another storefront is entirely against the point of it right now.

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I wouldn’t understand who that would be for though if this hardware is obviously breaking through to a new audience.

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Yeah although I have also been enjoying AAA games I have also been playing lots of 2D games too! I’ve been very impressed with it’s battery life so far.

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I’m not talking about native render resolutions. Nobody is forcing you to render in 1080p just because the display has this resolution.

You can see the bad effects of low screen resolutions for upscaling on Switch. Lots of games cant render in 720p. Upscaling looks often like crap because the screen resolution is so low. So the higher the screen resolution the better.

Ok, battery will be impacted a bit. oh well.

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Yes and no. A proper windows handheld made by MS would obliterate the deck in terms of sales.

Im not even talking about a handheld that plays xbox games just a pure windows handheld like a rog but much better designed and better marketed with ms branding.

Obviously not now as it makes sense to play xbox games but if they did that at the start of the gen theyd have a huge leg up.