Phil Spencer: Team is focused on bringing 3rd party games to Game Pass

Tweet says it all

With the rumors about Ms making deals to get 3rd party content day one, stuff like this give a bit more credence to them (Especially because Phil is known to speak a bit more than he should)


I really hope Spencer can get some third party games that im interested in buying and playing Day One into Game Pass. That would be awesome.


Our savior Phil. There’s always been a plan I’m gonna stop questioning and just sit back and watch it unfold.


I hope they can get one of the big third party games at launch.


Probably teasing in terms of future content coming to gamepass. We have that rumoured publisher signing on and I’m sure plenty more other stuff.

Its already getting plenty of day one releases AA/Indie wise. Question is if it’ll manage to get a big AAA at some point on day one. Kinda thinking it’ll happen at launch because of Halo being delayed.

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It’s about time Microsoft/xbox starts spending some big money!!


Dragon’s Dogma 2 Legacy Of Fire available day and date on Gamepass!

A man can dream…


Having Batman Gotham Knights at launch in Gamepass would be a smart decision.

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I hope DIRT 5 somehow makes it for launch. That looks like a good showcase for the console, and with no Forza in sight they’d probably do well getting a big racer on the Pass at launch.


They have for yrs now, lol. Always amuses me when folks troll about ‘dat warchest’ as if it weren’t real. MS is spending crazy cash on next gen. Huge cloud investments, buying tons of studios, loads of major AAA projects for next gen, industry leading console hardware, Game Pass, PC releases, day 1 first party stuff on GP, looking to keep buying and signing deals for Game Pass. That adds up a crazy amount of spending/investment. Yet folks act like they are on a shoestring budget. It’s weird.


I think the issue is that Microsoft spends their REAL warchest on things like LinkedIn($26 billion) and comparative scraps for gaming. Whereas, Sony views gaming as #1 strategic importance for them and they spend mega-billions on that. Different foci.

Not a ‘shoestring’ by any means, but I think Sony is spending 2x as much per year.

I don’t see Sony spending much at all outside of the rumor they are money hatting a couple titles that we don’t even know is real yet. MS is doing the same thing there except for Game Pass day 1 most likely (and it’s a vastly better deal for them to boot). I don’t see Sony buying tons of new studios, nor pumping huge sums into existing ones. I don’t see them making the next gen hardware investments MS made nor the value proposition like Game Pass.

Spending billions on software, publishing, services, infrastructure and hardware is what MS has been doing here. What is Sony spending on, exactly?


Seriously you think Sony is spending pocket change on SIE?

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I’m not seeing a ton of investments at all, no. They bought Insomniac after already having expensive exclusivity deals with them. What else are they investing in that is at all distinct from every other gen? Paying to keep games off Xbox for a while…but we dunno how much that costs, what the games are, if they matter or how long the deals would even last.

I hope that MS buys more developers so they can get to a point where third party games are non existent on Game Pass, at least games like Red Dead 2 and Witcher 3. I’m fine with smaller games like Tunic and Streets of Rage 4, or service based games like Rocket League on the service but I feel that money spent to get a Rockstar game on Game Pass is money that could go toward first party

I said the same thing about Sony and their moneyhatting of timed third party games and why I hope MS never does that again. Every dollar you spend on 3rd party is money that could of gone to first party.

That being said if 2021 is going to be a lacking year for Game Pass from a first party perspective until Halo Infinite comes out at the end of 2021 (November) then this is a case where they’ll have to throw some big bucks to get bigger 3rd party games

But what can they get exactly? Let alone day one? We know CDPR shot down the rumor of Cyberpunk being day one. Maybe that Warner Bros email and speculation is getting something like Batman Gotham Knights or Suicide Squad on the service day one?

Hopefully they can manage to get some big ones on there. To be honest, game pass has been crazy for a while now. I mean Metro Exodus and DMC5 dropped on GP very very soon. So it makes sense to expect improvements there, meaning they’ll be there on day one.

And really, with the Sony rumors in mind and assuming it’s true…MS has to.

Gamepass is the perfect opportunity for Xbox to get some of those games that never get into the system, like Yakuza and Dragon Quest. I hope they can get content from NIS, D3, Marvelous and other publishers that ignore the platform. While I get that some games like Disgaea don’t have an audience on Xbox, I think that the best move is building that audience through Gamepass.

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Nearly all the studios they bought were either already working on projects, or just finishing up something. I can’t see their being much in the pipe in 2021, so spending some money on 3rd party games is the only thing that they can do. I am not criticising it by the way. It is what it is. MGS should start coming pumping things out in a couple of years.

As to what you said about more studios. In order to have gamepass less dependant on 3rd parties would indeed need more. With 12 studios working on 3yr dev cycles, they could release a game every 3 months. If Obsidian, playground 2nd studio and inexile are becoming RPG studios then their games would probably need longer in the oven. Mojang would not be included for obvious reasons. Something like that with a fourth RPG studio could could put out 5 games a yr if managed and coordinated properly.

Even then, adding another RPG studio, and then bumping up to 12 studios working as I said would take time to gee into place. Maybe the whole of next gen.

4 games plus an RPG every year would be massive. But not something that I realistically happening though.

I’d rather they not be on 3 year rotations. By the time Hellblade 2 comes out, it’ll probably have been 5 years since the first game released. I’d rather Xbox have 20+ developers of varying sizes and let them all be able to work on a game for 4-5 years.

The exception being studios with multiple teams. Aside Grounded, we can expect Obsidian to at least deliver 2 games this upcoming gen being Avowed and Outer Worlds, with Playground Fable and a new Forza Horizon.


DONT add more games Phil.

I have no time as is, to catch up on all these games.