Phil Spencer shares intent to honour all previous agreements and desire to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation

COD single player costs millions to make, and its on a rival system.

On the other hand, MS now make a fortune from the Sony ecosystem.

Could go either way

I would prefer that, too, but this is a way to maintain a constant conversation surrounding Xbox and I suspect that’s partly the intent.

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I think that Phil’s “desire” word here is very key, and I think it clearly shows me that this gigantic bargaining chip (arguably COD is the only one that could have achieved this position) will be used by Xbox to either (1) see if Game Pass is possible on PlayStation or (2) get Sony to knock off the freaking money hats that gatekeep 3rd party content from Xbox systems. This is not a position that Sony probably expected to be in, and Xbox is holding the cards here.


The intent or the desire? :risi:

If that were to mean the full Game Pass, everything in it , native to PS5. I’m not sure I need an Xbox anymore. Just for the controller and ecosystem? When I can be all set with just one console?

I don’t see this happening, it’s not like Game Pass only has first party games. Would these third parties be fine with this?

Not a fan of this idea at all. Hoping more that Sony just promised to stop with their timed exclusivity deals, FF7R and 16 to Xbox too.


Whole lotta nothing until the deal actually passes thru.

Legally can’t talk about anything worth making definitive statements about.

I honestly would be surprised if CoD still comes to PlayStation systems after all of the contracts, because if you want people to buy Xbox and Game Pass, you don’t have your competitor get the one series, that will make people switch to a Xbox fan.


Not every conversation is good. I doubt that the dozens of “COD will remain multiplatform” videos on Youtube tomorrow will not be good for the brand, for exemple.

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People have to read between the lines and focus well , and stop reading the headlines

Phil Spencer is again doing the same way he did when he talked about bethesda

" Sony is our partner and we will honor contracts and we do not want to pull Bethesda games and to make them exclusive "

After the Bethesda acquisition deal :

  • he honor the contracts ( deathloop and GhostWire: Tokyo )
  • did not pull the old games from ps store
  • He was honest when he talked about continuing to support games ( F76 - Eso )

But he did not say at all that the new games will be available on all platforms

The sure thing I know is that I learned a hard lesson from the Bethesda exclusive debates , I will just shut up and wait


Grubb is suggesting that this would be basically turning Xbox into a third party publisher. I know that Grubb is very reliable but I really hope that he is wrong on that.

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People have been saying for a while now that Microsoft isn’t necessarily interested in selling console hardware. That it’s a means to an end. What if this is part of the end game for them? Wanting some kind of silver bullet so they can get Game Pass on PlayStation, and then have the Series X be their last console.

Basically choosing to go out on top and become Sega, only a service oriented version.

I know this is kinda far out, and I don’t really believe it myself, but I wouldn’t think it’s entirely outside the realm of possibility. :man_shrugging:

edit: Or apparently what Grubb said:upside_down_face:

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Fuck man, that would just make me incredibly sad to be honest. I thought Phil said there would at least be one more console after this one. Look at how amazing they are doing, seems to me they really don’t need to do this.

When I saw the great documentary last year I was reminded again of how much I appreciate their consoles. Don’t let that go away anytime soon.

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Yeah I agree. If I can get all of MS exclusives on GP, on a PS5, where I also get all of Sony’s exclusives, why would anyone get an Xbox? Would be the stupidest move ever and would turn MS into a software only company in one generation. But then, maybe that’s the goal.

Yeah, I think that this is totally unnecessary and would just piss off Xbox fans who already bought the console.

Phil is not the guy to talk Bullshit. To me this means all of Call of Duty (including future titles) will come to Playstation. This also means Activision serves a greater purpose then just this juggernaut of a game. Pretty sure they have a lot of great games in the works.

It also fits his previous statement that future hits will start small.

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Xbox already said they were working on the “next” Xbox hardware. And I think a massive $2 trillion company can afford to still make hardware devices as options for consumers to play their games and services. Sony likely could not do that.

GamePass on PS would mean zero reason to make xbox hardware anymore, why would you?

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Gamepass will never take off on mobile/PC like it does on consoles.

Consoles are here to stay with Microsoft. I don’t think any of you guys should worry about that.


That’s the point of this theory. What i got from Grubb article is that hardware is sold at loss. By turning into a third party publisher and selling Game Pass on PS5 MS would supposedly(key word) get more money.