Phil Spencer interview - Discusses Redfall disappointing, CMA, Hellblade II, quarterly releases, and more

I’m referring to him communicating with the media, don’t know what you’re referring to.

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I’m talking about the brand in general.

Ah, some nebulous concept, gotcha.

I honestly can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or not.

Edit: I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt this time, but if you’re being a jerk for the sake of being it I’m not afraid to call it out.:grin:


Great interview overall. Glad they are taking responsibility for Redfall and are looking to improve their support structure.

Wasn’t a fan of his talk about consoles. I agree and am happy they are going with a different direction. I just wish he understood that calls for a bigger focus on console isn’t about outselling PS and Nintendo. I think most just want a bigger console focus so it sells better and has a bigger presence in the industry, making it harder to ignore.

It was also interesting how he seemed to have semi-confirmed Hellblade 2 for this year? At least that’s how I took it when he was talking about this year and goes on to say “we’ve got Starfield coming, we’ve got Forza coming, we’ve got hellblade coming”

Really excited to see what they show next month.


If they can get HB2 out this year as well id be very impressed, that would be Starfield, FM and HB2 all within a month or two of each other

I definitely expect HB2 to be their next big title after FM but I think it will be next year

I dunno though those corporate setups with remote departments or studios are not necessarily conducive to someone asking for help. They can be competitive as in you might have a meeting quarterly or annually and it’s not a great look to have to say your team is struggling and that’s if you fully realise you are struggling or that help is available for your specific issues. Heavily depends on culture.

To me, soon is anything coming this year so 6-7 months away, if they’re both early 2024 games it’s cool but not soon to me.

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Being remote doesn’t stop you from setting up a meeting or sending out emails lol. and if you’re team is struggling… you be honest about it as a leader. that’s what you’re supposed to do. And being real, Phil has fostered a culture wher you can reach out if you need help imo.

ANd specifically, regarding Redfall we don’t know if they felt they needed help. That was just speculation on my part.

Funny how he “threw shade” (for lack of a better expression) to Klob, literally using the same words when he says “I want console gamers to feel as first-class citizens”.

I hope Xbox haven’t painted themselves into a corner with Game Pass & the requirement to fill it with first party content.

It would be ironic if it’s GP that adds more pressure on Xbox to deliver regular first party AAA games than Sony currently has. I mean what is Sony dropping this year? Final Fantasy 16 (moneyhat) & Spiderman 2? (their main one).

The problem is I’m an atypical console gamer so I’m pretty much similar to typical Sony console owners: I look forwards to one or two games a year, which are very often multiplats or at least third party anyway. For example in 2023, my most anticipated games were RE4 Remake & the new Lords of the Fallen (& maybe Assassin’s Creed Mirage). Starfield looks good but Fallout 4 wasn’t exactly the best experience ever so I’m on the fence regarding that one.

Point being: I got a Series X because it had the better vrr range, Elden Ring performed better (within that vrr range) & I believed third party AAA blockbusters like RE4 would look & run amazing on the console. If Microsoft focuses too much on Game Pass & stresses over delivering their own content into the service, they’re IMO overthinking the problem with a risk of forgetting about the fact the Xbox console experience is a key factor which for some people is way, way more important than their services & first party games.


Where can I see this?

the graphic and if you watch the Avowed Trailer looks the same but i might be wrong could be everwild lmao

Although he didn’t say it, I do agree with his assessment on Xbox’s status now. Xbox isn’t dying but the momentum was hurt by Redfall. Honestly, the reaction should be that, not “Game Over Xbox, go home.”



Well, since Phil directly mentioned Avowed, I’m going with that too.

Everwild is…well…I’m guessing…lost in the wild. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Redfall hurt Game Pass more than it hurt Xbox.

Xbox has lots of games. It has lots of third party AAA games & the best game of 2022 (Elden Ring) performs better on the Series X with VRR. It has RE4 Remake & Dead Island 2. It has Hogwarts.

But Game Pass needs its regular releases, especially first party releases if they don’t want to moneyhat more content. So when the big spring release (Redfall) which was heavily marketed gets horrible reviews & reception, it’s bad for Game Pass.

I’d like to see more people differentiate between Xbox ‘the console’ & Game Pass though, because the console (specially the Series X) is absolutely fantastic. Especially with a VRR tv (an absolute must this gen). Game Pass though (Ultimate in particular)? I don’t know whether it currently justifies the $180 a year price tag.



“Doubt” which part?

I don’t doubt Game Pass & Xbox are now intertwined in terms of perception (this is entirely Microsoft’s own fault & doing of course), but consider this: Xbox has released poorly received, badly reviewed first party titles before. So has Sony.

But it’s only since Game Pass is now dependent on this flow of first party titles that it’s become a big problem.

That’s how I see it anyway. I think the GP service is cannibalizing the Xbox brand to the extent the good stuff the console does gets overlooked because all the talk is about Game Pass & the state of Xbox first party.


Redfall did not hurt gamepass.

lol, jesus the fixation on a single game is crazy :yamchadead:


Installing Redfall deletes the entire gamepass catalogue and renders it unplayable….