Phil Spencer confirms GamePass is profitable

Its great to see it officially confirmed to be profitable. Not surprising if you can do basic math :slight_smile: but still nice to see.


Another narrative Thanos-snapped away. You love to see it.


A lot of people have been debating endlessly about how Phil/Xbox always used words like “sustainable” instead of “profitable.” So, it’s nice that people can finally stop dooming Game Pass.

They’re gonna stop, right? Right guys?


Phil is underselling Game Pass here. With almost 3 billion it was more like almost 20% of all of Xbox’s revenue in 2021. Maybe he is already adding ABK revenue?

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Nah, he wouldn’t even remotely try to assume ABK revenue until it closes.

My theory is the $3 Billion number is off a bit or he is taking into account 2022 revenues which aren’t entirely public, but we already know that console sales are up so far this year.

“Phil lies…” :troll:

Without even having to look, you know that’s already been posted somewhere.


Lies of P


I felt a great disturbance in the Force… as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something illegal has happened…


Already seeing people trying to claim “but its only profitable if you don’t have GamePass cover all development costs for games on it and the costs of acquisitions”

These people really need to learn more about how acquisitions work. For starters, what you acquire doesn’t suddenly drop to $0 in value, so you don’t have to “pay for it” in the traditional sense.

Also, games aren’t exclusive to GamePass, so there is additional revenue (Even beyond MTX) that contributes to their dev costs.

These arguments will all fall apart and die in the coming weeks, but will be interested to see what zombie claws its way up and becomes the new meme for why GamePass can’t work and its good that Sony isn’t trying to copy it.


The only way to stop the posts arguing against GamePass is for Sony to exactly copy it with Day One titles on their service. Until that time, they simply won’t believe it or think its good. Its already happened with BC.


People need to stop giving attention to the twitter playstation fanboys, they are just sad

I won’t believe it until I see their financial statements myself


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Of course it is. They thought about profitability way in advance, they are not stupid, and even if it wasn’t profitable, who cares ?!

It’s crazy that people lose their mind thinking about Game Pass and Xbox Series S. It’s fine. Nintendo doesn’t care, Sony will be fine.

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Everyone who didn’t have a weird agenda knew this already.


Couldn’t agree more Uncle Phil!


Funny how you were immediately right, lol. The new narrative is that Phil is lying to please investors and Game Pass is far from profitable, but at the same time he is telling the truth when hinting about potential price increases eventually happening… and they’re mocking him for that.

Game Pass might increase $5 after being on the market for 7-8 years and adding the whole ABK catalogue and you’ll see these sweaty unpaid shills scream from the rooftops “sEe? I ToLd YoU sO LmAo”


Just like paid online.

And achievements.

And GaaS.

And backwards compatibility.

And PC ports.

And cross-gen.

And indies (remember this back with Xbox 360?).

And “inorganic” studio acquisitions.

I’m sure there’s so much more I’m missing, too. The hypocrisy with these cultists is insane, albiet consistant.


Don’t forget cross-play, gotta protect the children!


I guess people don’t know about financial laws. Phil lying about profitability or non-profitability would open MS to lawsuits and SEC investigations.


While the gaming world flips their shit over the future potential of game pass rising a few dollars in cost Sony fans didnt seem to mind 70$ 1st party games. 10$ next gen updates and hardware prices going up 50$ 2 years after launch.

Sony is actively raising prices on every aspect of their gaming offerings but people only flip their shit at the IDEA of gamepass raising prices maybe in the far future.