Phil Spencer: Bethesda will be critical for XBOX's future

Pretty sure that more Zenimax’s games Will be exclusive for Xbox/PC.


I believe that every single game coming from Bethesda and all of their studios will be fully exclusive to Xbox/PC and that includes future MMO type games. There’s literally no reason to allow your development studios to waste money, time and resources developing/porting their games over to PlayStation. No reason. No benefit and quite honestly, makes zero sense.


Interesting snippet for me was that Bethesda was up to sale and Microsoft was one of those who where in the talk.

Imagine someone else would’ve got Bethesda :scream::scream:


Yea I think exclusive


I really don’t want to imagine it because it didn’t happen thankfully lol, there are so many nightmare scenarios of what could’ve happened but phew thankfully not.

I’d be surprised if they aren’t tbh, I think investments like this are meant to be for long term benefits and I see more benefits for MS if they keep those games exclusive to their ecosystem.

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I think EA was interested too and almost got them.


Nightmare fuel.

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Crazy to think some people still believe that all the Bethesda games are going to be PS


I don’t think he can legally say they’ll be exclusive any more clearer than that.


They are afraid of it now they know how people feel about spiderman

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Forsure that shit pissed me off even tho I have a PS4

Yea fuck marvel and sony superhero games should not be exclusive period!

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Phil takes a deep breath of air every time hes asked about the Zenimax IPs exclusive once Microsoft owns them he knows the answer and we can all see by his facial expressions that hes frustrated that he can’t come and say yes they are exclusive to xbox. I loved hearing him say there will be constant growth.


Personally, im all in favor of exclusives as that’s what separates the platforms from one another. Sony has Spider Man because they’re paying for the game to be developed, published and marketed. Nintendo paid for Ultimate Alliance 3. If Microsoft were to pay for a Marvel or DC game that was exclusively on Xbox/PC, I would have no issue with that either.

If someone wants to play games that are exclusively on their non-preferred platform, they should just buy that respective console or whatever the case may be that allows them to then play that exclusive game. Since the days of SNES/Genesis, I have owned between 2 and 4 consoles in every generation because there’s exclusive games that I wanted to play.

I’m not going to be one of those extreme fanboy nutjobs who wants to be loyal to one brand for some odd reason. Screw that. If I have games that I want to play on other platforms then I will buy those respective consoles and play them.

After all, im a gamer since 1989 and I want to play games, damn it!!!

Completely agree when DX12U is going to be the basis for PC and Xbox games. Time could be invested in highly optimizing that rather than for the PS5, which will have a low userbase for the next 3 years. It will likely sell 100 million units in time but that’s 6 years away, a period where Zenimax exclusives can help the Xbox sell better as well.

The PC + Xbox userbase is enough.

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Don’t forget xCloud :stuck_out_tongue: if that takes off damn, you’ll be making a game for the biggest gaming platform there is. You make a game for Xbox consoles, you’re also making a game for Mobile+PC users with xCloud AND PC for people who own their own rigs. It’s going to come to a point where if you’re not doing an Xbox version you’re going to miss out on a metric shit ton of profit. I’m not even talking about when xCloud hits smart TV’s either which would be a huge thing too because TV’s could start shipping with an Xbox controller + 1 month of Game Pass Ultimate which would allow them to stream directly to their TV.

You can easily see what they’re doing, it will affect the 3rd party deals that Sony keeps doing too which people aren’t really realising. Do you think FF16 would be exclusive to Sony for a year or whatever if the “Xbox” platform had something like 500 million users? FUCK no haha Sony wouldn’t have enough money to skirt that massive player base. All these companies see is $$$ and MS is giving them a chance at more $$$ by expanding their platform.

In future Xbox “platform” might be too big for devs to skip it, especially if they’re making it super easy to dev 1 game that can work across like 4 “Xbox” platforms. The only reason why Sony can do these exclusive deals right now is because the Xbox platform is a lot smaller and Sony could cover it.

Microsoft is the first of the 3 to see this future coming and are in the best spot to do so, if you really zoom the fuck out on what MS is doing with Xbox you start to see what they’re aiming for. Sony was like oh shit and that’s probably why they signed a thing to latch onto Azure for their streaming future.

Exclusives will help push people onto this Xbox platform too so just put Game Pass on everything, have big exclusives to rope people into the platform and make enough content to keep them there. Xbox is going to need a shit ton of studios and teams too, because of they hit numbers like 500m users then they’re gonna need a shit ton on of different types of games.

My bold prediction is by the latest MS will have 50 studios by 2030


I love your prediction and I dont think its bold at all I see xbox games studios getting to 50 by 2027. I can see Gamepass growing to 50 million subscribers by 2023 which will cause Satya Nadella to start shopping again.


Yea I still can’t believe it that bethseda will now be a first party property