A magical, multi-verse slayer map. We created it in Halo 5 and refined it in Halo Infinite. Shift between dimensions to reach secret passages and weapons. Best for 4v4 and up to 12v12.

This is going straight to the top of my games to play in customs night. Amazing work.

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How does this work!?

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Continuing his trend of being one of the most talented Forgers in Halo Mr Direwolf brings an excellent and groundbreaking map and mode from Halo 5 to Infinite and the results are what we have come to expect over the years. Phenomenal. Aesthetically and Functionally a top tier map easily sliding into the top 20 maps in Infinite thus far. Great Job to The Captain of The Dire Wolves on another killer map into your already deep portfolio. #FORGESTUD


Thank you sir! I appreciate the kind words. :pray: If you ever play the map I’d love to see the vid!

I believe the map has had an update to enable infection - you’ll need to “rebookmark” the map if you’ve already bookmarked it.

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The map is great but I am having issues when hosting games on it:

  • Either the map crashes at the start by ending in a “TIE” before a single second of game has started; or
  • The game ends randomly before the score or time has been reached.

Does anyone know why I am having these issues? I love this map a lot and wish I could play, Thanks in advance!

I checked it and the map and modes should still work ok. What mode were you having issue with? If you were doing infection, make sure you use the mode I recommended on twitter. Also, if you downloaded the map a while ago, try re-bookmarking the map as updates are needed for it to work with infection properly. Hope that helps.