Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis update: expansion Sandstorm Requiem out today(12/15/21)

It seems this game has been flying under the radar and now its almost here.

I think this is going to be a surprise hit. I wasn’t able to do the closed beta but I’ve been following content creators and other PSO2 players and they are saying things like It’s the best action combat they’ve ever played in an MMO or the most fun they’ve ever had playing an MMO. Also that this is a huge upgrade over PSO2. We won’t know how good the game is until it launches but I am cautiously optimistic that this is going to be one of the best Phantasy Star Online games yet.

Here is a good preview from Maximilian

Also here is a first prologue recap from Anamana. For more info on New Genesis his other prologue videos are a good resource. Really all of his videos are good to learn about PSO2


I’m interested. I tried PSO2 last year and dropped it due to the horrible abysmal interface. This looks much better so we’ll see


Yeah I’m curious to see how this turns out. I’m very nostalgic for the first one but pso2 hasn’t aged very well and I couldn’t get into it last year. So hoping this more modernized take will be better. Also cool that it’s a global launch so it is really new.

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I wonder why Xbox is not advertising this very much considering they apparently funded the localization and whatnot. They didn’t even mention it on their “upcoming June games” tweet.

It’ll probably be fine though, Sega has said OG PSO2 in the west was a great success.

Probably focused on E3.

Either way this isn’t a single player game its an MMO…the marketing can be a slow burn. No doubt if this game is good it will gain a lot of players.

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Does somebody have a good video I can watch of NG to understand how it will play and what it is like?

And show me what the changes are aside the graphical uplift.

Just updated the OP

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I’m gonna give this a shot when it releases. I played PSO2 when it launched and enjoyed it quite a bit. My main issue was the myriad of currencies, and systems that were also all buried behind an overly confusing UI. The gameplay was fun IMO, but there was a lot of stuff to wade through and I ended up getting tired of it.

Hopefully where this is a fresh start, and not a port of an older game, that things will be a bit more streamlined at the start.

This releases in the same day as The Battle for Steeltown and I’m very excited for that, but I’ll try to get to this as soon as possible! Then again, we might have a giga-grop of Game Pass games at E3, so who even knows when, aha

Same here. I was hyped to play when it was announced since I played a ton on Game Cube back in the day. Tried multiple times to get into it on X1X, but the interface and the 50 different currencies just made it a nightmare. Far too Complicated for its own good.

Will give this a shot once it’s released providing the interface isn’t a absolute mess.

Is there an Xboxera group that will form for this game? I somehow think the game won’t have too much content at first so it shouldn’t be too much of a burden time wise like when PSO2 released here with years of content at once so I’ll definitely be leveling at least 1 or 2 characters to lvl 20 to get a good feel of the game as I really liked what I played in the beta.

Will this be free? I played the first one and didn’t pay for it, that I remember. I ended up not really liking it too much, felt it became repetitive too quickly. But if this is free, I’ll absolutely check it out.

It’s indeed free to play!

I have a 140 hours in PSO2 but haven’t touched it in a while, since I wanted to focus on my backlog. So I’ll be getting back into it with New Genesis in 3 days. So it’s safe to say I’m very excited for it, all the footage I’ve seen looks great.

It is free. Yes, PSO2 can get repetitive when you are first starting out, but once you start playing on higher difficulties, it becomes so much fun.

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I would play this game but the tutorial ui makes it impossible for me. Im 62 and i cant see the button command to heal myself for to let me on, i pick up the cubes but cannot heal myself, that is so small what it shows then its gone. So i cannot play cause of an unfriendly ui. If somebody could explain how to do.that part with the button controls that be appreciated.

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Any preload on this?

yes right now

Is this remotely fun to play solo or do I need friends? If the latter, I might be SOL as I doubt my pals would be interested in this one. ESO, maybe, but not PSO apparently!

You can increase the size of the UI font. It’s in the settings before you load into the world. Not sure if it will help but it’s something to try

I played it solo and had a lot of fun personally.