Peter Moore on why the plug was pulled on the Dreamcast

As a Sega fan who grew up with almost all Sega consoles, I was really sad when Dreamcast died

So I wanted to share this article.

“The Dreamcast has become a cult favourite, a console that was ahead of its time with a back catalogue that was the match of its rivals, and Moore highlights some of the reasons why the Dreamcast has been held in high regard since its launch”

Peter Moore on why the plug was pulled on the Dreamcast

Ex-President of Sega Of America talks to Edge on why the Dreamcast died

Peter Moore has spoken candidly in the Edge Game Changers series about the demise of the Dreamcast.

Moore, who was the President of Sega Of America at the time, is a recognisable face amongst gamers (not least for the time he got a tattoo of GTA IV to announce it was coming to Xbox 360), and he opens up on the challenges the Dreamcast faced when it came to going up against the PlayStation 2 in the Sega Dreamcast Edge Game Changers feature.

Hopefully one day, they will be back…

Feel free to discuss and share your best Sega memories!


While I preferred SNES over Genesis, Sega still made some good hardware but the problem is that they over-saturated their own market. With Genesis, they released the Sega CD and 32X add-ons, neither of which did particularly well. Then, they rushed out Saturn which was a great 2D console, not so much when it came to 3D and the co-processors made it a pain in the ass to develop for. The $400 price tag didn’t help.

Dreamcast was great and should have done better but by then, it was already over. Sega was done as Sony simply came in and kicked their ass and Nintendo’s ass at the same time.

None of that even includes all the issues between Sega Japan and Sega America. Overall, good consoles but horribly managed with so many issues between the two corporate offices ended Sega as a hardware manufacturer.

I did own Genesis, Saturn and Dreamcast with all three having their positives and negatives. Genesis was great but Dreamcast was their best console. Saturn was the worst. RPG’s were amazing though on Saturn and Dreamcast.

I still remember playing Skies of Arcadia even though I didn’t get far into the game as I was addicted to playing NFL 2K1. Not sure if Sega owns the SOA IP but if they do, they should bring that back. Oh well. It all is what it is.


Off the top of my head, there is no Sega IP I want remastered or a sequel for more!

Before the Series X, the Dreamcast was the last console I bought at launch.

The Xbox Series X is going to be the first console that I have ever purchased at launch. I did pre-order and pick up the PS4 Pro at launch but I don’t count that since it was a mid-gen console as opposed to an actual launch of a new next gen console.

Microsoft should maybe try to fund a Skies of Arcadia remake or sequel with Sega. It could be a E/T rated game which would be the opposite of all the other RPG’s that Microsoft will have this gen plus it would be a JRPG which Microsoft doesn’t really have.

Similar situation with me and the One X. I bought that on release and didn’t count it.

I would LOVE a joint venture Skies sequel or remaining. You have a great point; I would be a wonderful contrast to the grim, dark (mostly 1st person perspective) RPGs we are aware of.

Yeah, honestly, I don’t see it happening unless Microsoft was to acquire Sega. Then I would say that there’s a possibility. It would be awesome though as it’s been like 20 years and has had a long enough vacation. LOL.

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AVGN videos on the Sega CD and 32X were the best