Personal theory: Microsoft is doing everything they can to make MLB The Show successful on Xbox so Disney forces Sony to release future Spider-Man games on Xbox

1 - Sony does NOT own Spider-Man in any intelectual way, they only own the rights to making movies about him.

2 - Disney chose, back in 2014, Sony to make Spider-Man games for an undisclosed amount of time (or a set quantity of games, maybe).

3 - This contract will probably expire sometime in the future.

4 - It doesn’t make any sense for Disney to have Spider-Man be exclusive to one platform, just like it didn’t make any sense for the MLB to have The Show exclusive to one platform.

5 - When the old MLB contract expired, a new contact was signed that forced Sony to make The Show multiplatform.

6 - Microsoft is not dumb and is doing everything they can (for example, having The Show on Game Pass) to make MLB The Show successful on Xbox. They are doing this so that Disney realizes how much money they are leaving on the table for no reason and forces Sony to make future Spider-Man games multiplatform when they write a new contract once the current one expires.



Checks out. Spider-Man would be huge as a multiplat. And Disney is frustrated by Sony not sharing Spider-Man to the extent they would prefer in the films. I’m not sure if there is any info on the length of the insomniac contract so things could get real interesting in the future.

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I find it funny how people don’t see the huge implications of this once the contract Disney and Sony have now expires. If MLB The Show is successful on Xbox Disney will want that money too.


I see your point, but for all we know it was written into the contract that all future Spider Man games are exclusive to PS platforms unless otherwise dictated by PS.

Also, i’m not really sure who has the leverage between Sony and Disney over this.

It is really interesting to see MS position GamePass as the platform instead of Xbox. So many publishers/studios made the decision long ago that not publishing on Xbox was fine… and now it seems like MS is pushing GamePass to the front to make the re-evaluate.

Even in cases where MS can’t secure GamePass day one deals or Xbox releases just having GamePass be a force that can’t be ignored will drive up the cost of Sony exclusive deals and money hats.


Do you have a source for this ?

No, I’m just guessing it’s not indefinite (we do know Square Enix’ is temporary as per Jason Schreier though, so I think Sony’s is most probably the same).

Edit: corrected OP.

Well, that’s a theory. I don’t believe it’s correct, but it’s certainly a theory for sure!


So you are saying I should play MLB for the greater good?


I doubt it. Even a twat would know Spiderman would sell a lot on Xbox

Sony would give up the Spider Man video game license before developing and porting the game to Xbox. It’s their most successful PS4 game at around 20m in sales. MLB The Show is a 2-4m a year seller.

So basically, I don’t see this happening and like I told @andrew_schmidt on twitter, I prefer it to stay with Sony even if that means it’s exclusive because I want high quality highly polished games. I don’t want the licensed shit like what Activision did for years. No thanks.


We’ll see sony will try to fight it I guarantee it but they might have no choice


Would be more likely that we end up with another spiderman game (not sony) than them being forced to port theirs.

SPiderman games from Insomniac sure.

Theres no reason MS can’t make deals with MArvel and Disney for their own spiderman games. Sony can’t do shit if its a brand new game with new character. Problem is its not going to do that well.

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Spiderman 2 on PS2/Xbox was a great game.

Also the multiplatform being of lesser quality is such a poor argument these days. It really depends on the devs and the time and effort they put in. With how engines and development works multiplats are much easier to develop these days compared to the last few generations. You aren’t completely rewriting codes and engines for every system. Unless its on switch which requires heavy modification.


That was like 20 years ago. UGH.

I’m going based on who had the license before Sony. It was Activision and their Spider Man games were for the most part, pure shit. Maybe if a good publisher that actually wanted to make a quality game instead of just a cash grab, then yeah, it could be great but there’s no guarantee of that where as I know im getting a high quality highly polished Spider Man game from Insomniac. I personally will stay with what it is over taking a chance that a shitty publisher who’s looking for nothing more than a cash grab because at that point, I wouldn’t waste my time.

Im convinced this will happen. It’s only a matter of time.

I really really doubt that. They could have dropped MLB The Show when the MLB forced them to make it multiplatform but why would they? Those games make them (Sony) a lot of money. Same with Spider-Man.

Nah, theyd be swimming in too much money to care, well they would or Marvel. 20m sales on PS4 alone, man theyd sell another 10m easily across XGP, Xbox, Steam etc

There is a long list of 3rd party games that missing Xbox, I think Xbox should focus to bring them before thinking for others exclusives.