'Persona 3 Reload' Launches on Xbox Consoles, Xbox Game Pass February 2nd, 2024

Originally published at: 'Persona 3 Reload' Launches on Xbox Consoles, Xbox Game Pass February 2nd, 2024 - XboxEra

Developer ATLUS and publisher SEGA have announced that ‘Persona 3 Reload’ will launch on Xbox consoles, Xbox PC platform, and right into Xbox Game Pass on the 2nd of February, 2024. Pre-orders are available right now on the Xbox Store along with physical editions. Pre-ordering before the game’s release will net you the Persona 4 Golden BGM Pack for use in game, allowing you to listen to six tracks from everyone’s favorite Mystery Machine cast.

Have a gander at the game’s latest trailer ‘Meet the S.E.E.S.’ below along with a new set of screenshots. You can currently pre-load the game via the Xbox Game Pass app as well. And lastly, check out this interview on Famitsu (translated to English) regarding the game’s music, characters, and more.


I’m realizing now how big of a get it is.

It was a JRPG and Playstation only franchise and now it’s on Xbox and GP day one. Xbox has invested a lot for this to come to fruition. It was crazy to think about like a few years ago but it’s now a reality.

I want to thank all the guys at Xbox that made this possible.


Where is Igor???

HUGE get. Its fucking massive. This isnt a spin off or old game. Its a full on remake of a beloved mainline entry

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Theres tons of characters they havent shown. Clearly hell be in there

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1:28 mark we get a glimpse of Igor and Elizabeth.

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I am not much into jrpg, mostly because of lack of time but I really really really love P3P (I played on the vita)

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I’m crazy enough about Persona 3 in particular that I would and probably still will spend seventy damn dollars for this at launch, but it’s a big get and I’m very impressed with the progress the Xbox team have made with Japanese games.