'Persona 3 Reload' Becomes Fastest-selling Game in ATLUS History


Deserved. It is a more accessible and straight forward Persona for me, compared to 4 and 5. I’ll probably go back to 4 and 5 after finishing it.


Thats not surprising. But 6 will obliterate those numbers.

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No doubt most of the sales are thanks to PlayStation too

Must be hard to see a franchise synonymous with ps now on other platforms. And now its breaking records because of that.

Good to see PS players buy these games so xbox gamers can enjoy them on gamepass

PlayStation could not have made those numbers alone. GP and Xbox is doing the heavy lifting. Multiplatform is the way to go for this kind of games.

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I remember when Atlus were big on the SEGA Saturn. Very happy to see Atlus on Xbix and that credit goes to Phil

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Ff16 on gamepass is inevitable. I look forward to playing this game on my series x

Ironically, Square Enix even makes a GAAS exclusive to Playstation while Sony themselves don’t.

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Well were getting 14 at least

not to burst your bubble, but they did make those numbers alone with p5 and p5r when it was playstation only

also if this skipped xbox it would have still easily made a million with ps and steam

it’s doing well on xbox, but the xbox versions are behind ps and pc in sales

still a major success all around and I am very happy this series is everywhere and a global release on all platforms (almost all, need a switch 2 version)

persona 6 is gonna shatter these sales though, which is crazy to think about, when the day comes

You don’t burst my bubble at all. We already saw this happen with Yakuza.

Persona and Yakuza were PS exclusive IPs which were slowly getting the attention they deserve but with their reach still limited by the platform. When it came to GP on console and PC, the games got a huge boon in popularity. More people finally got a way to try these games without too much of a commitment, as these franchises could be seen as huge time sinks.

Sony fans even stopped talking about these games as niche titles. And I’m even more surprised that Persona got this huge on Xbox. It’s #38 in the most played games list in my country. Not bad for Xbox. These games have inertial sales. The more people play them, the more it sells.