PC GAMING Will be the future platform


Now, the xbox’s vision appears more clear to many people. Also PS Is going to support PC more than ever and PS Is going to follow this new Strategy: for this reason they bought NIXES.

We should give a tons of credits to Steam and Phil Spencer: they changed the whole market.

I just want nintendo to put smash on pc, but itll be a cold day in hell before nintendo even thinks about putting any game on pc.

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Hard disagree. I’d bet the majority of casual gamers prioritize ease of use. PC will always be an option, but it’s not the future of gaming.


With cloud on the horizon… It really doesn’t matter

Subscription will be the future

Device won’t matter


This would be my bet. The cloud is the future.

Good thing their game are already on PC in a way.

There are more people in the world playing on PC than on consoles. Plus, PC gaming is growing immensively every year, which Steam numbers alone shows. A few years ago, PC gaming was declared dead, now “everyone” is jumping on it because it has become so big. CapCom even stated this year they want PC to be their main platform.

Multi device is the future platform.

Play where you want to play is the future. PC’s aren’t for everyone, cloud gaming isn’t for everyone and console gaming isn’t for everyone.

Like, I need to buy a new PC. My enjoyment of video games is currently severly decreased by my bad computer. Buying a new one will cost me over €1000. That’s not a feasible hobby for everyone.

A multiplatform approach is always the best way to go. Be exclusive in your services and offerings, not in the hardware you support.


I know tons of people that actually got out of OC gaming because of the price, even I have a decent PC with a 5800x and 3070 and I still spend most of my time on Xbox. The PC market’s top earners are also mainly f2p games if you look at the charts and not very demanding games, which tells my that high end AAA PC gaming is less prevalent than on consoles.

I think the hybrid approach MS has with consoles/PC/Cloud is the best as you give your users more ways to enjoy gaming with different entry points and expand the overall marketplace.

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PC gaming for me = :nauseated_face: So complicated :nauseated_face:

Plug & Play rules :sunglasses:

I think the future platform won’t be really hardware based (long-term). You will just need a screen (TV, mobile, PC, whatever) and a good Internet connection.

The future of gaming is accessibility and services. Having multiple options for multiple types of people. There will be people who want to get the most performance possible and go with pc and there will be people in between like me that doesn’t want to tinker with stuff but still wants performance and I can get a series X, some people are on tighter on budget and don’t care as much for those things so they might go with a series S. Others might stream things onto a phone or tablet. One of the reasons I’ve been all in on Xbox over the past few years is they saw this coming before pretty much anyone else.


The boring future is an app on a screen. Nothing more.

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Agreed. My 7 year old wants a gaming computer. I can’t even get something that will play everything at 1080p for £500. Really hoping some mad deal pops up around Black Friday.

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Yep, certainly isn’t PC. Sure, these games may technically run from a PC server but it won’t be a situation where everyone is buying actual hardware that isn’t a console.

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I could easily see 90% of the market transition to streaming while a niche focused on best possible experience (like those buying higher end audio and blu-ray) pay tons of money for PCs where they can control specs and have a higher quality experience.

No, Consoles have been a thing before PC’s and will be one going forward. Not everyone wants to screw around with a PC to play video games

Consoles, PCs, Portables are on the same boat, no one replace the other but Cloud Gaming is on other boat, whenever it has the right infrastructure it will replace all gaming machines on the other boat.