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This thread is to discuss games on PC through either the Xcloud, PC Game Pass, Windows Store, Steam, Epic, GOG or even itch.io

Xbox Game Pass for PC: The New Kid on the Block

Steam: The Most Dominant Gaming Marketplace

Epic Game Store: The Long Time Challenger

GOG: No DRM Here

itch.io: Self Publishing

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How does one get an Xbox One or Xbox Series controllers to work on PC with games like Arkham Asylum or Arkham City?

Either you have a Bluetooth controller, or a wired controller where it is easy to PnP, or the third case –

where you have neither - you’ll have to get a wireless adapter that allows your current xbox controller to connect on its wifi protocol.

  1. First check whether you can connect with a Bluetooth. For a laptop a BT connection is in-built, but this would not be true of a desktop PC.
  2. If your PC does not have BT, then you have to go for either a wireless adapter or a wired USB connection.

@Doncabesa it sounds so simple and easy… :stuck_out_tongue:

A little bit to be wary of with the bluetooth connection for series controllers, some games don’t like it and it wont registered the buttons correctly.

if that happens you will have to use the controller wired. Granted I have only had this issue so far with Disgaea 4 and FFXIII


I never have anything nice to say about anything Bluetooth. Made for an earlier era where limited quality connections were tolerated.

Hopefully, BT5 or later are better standards.

Along with that, some games that were working perfectly fine will just randomly stop working and then A registers as Y and other buttons become something else and even worse it registers stick inputs that don’t exist so your character begins to spin in circles. Earlier this week on Coffee with Cabesa it happened on all EGS and Steam versions of Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. Watch the first 2 CWC Batman streams this week for just how glorious it can be.

I hope the newer games wouldn’t have these issues.

BT’ed or Plugged in Asylum and City broke every time I used an xbox one or series controller. Something about that driver kills both the Steam and EGS versions of the games. It worked the first time I loaded it up, every time after that the game froze within 10 seconds of hitting the main menu and if I managed to get into the game the buttons were all wrong and then it froze quickly again.

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BT is just bad.

Wonder what happened with the usb version. Could be a sensitive usb link causing outages.

God - these two standards usb/bt are just bad for gaming.

Go for wifi controller adapter - no danger of accidentally disconnecting either the usb link or succumbing to mercurial BT moods. Straightforward 2.4GHz wifi connectivity to your xbox controller or even the headset.

no it’s the driver for xbox one controllers. connection doesn’t matter. the game breaks when it tries to read my xbox one or series controller. it would work if I had a 360, the style of connection isn’t the issue. my controllers work fine on everything else, it’s simply those older games breaking terribly with a driver that came out after they were last patched.

Ouch, that sucks.

Which game is this Arkham Asylum or City?

Both, haven’t tried Knight yet. So I’m playing with… mouse and keyboard.

which of these is on gamepass - Arkham Knight? I’l give one of them a whirl.

game pass PC? no idea, probably none. they were all given out for free on EGS and I owned the first two on steam already through a humble bundle. playing on PC because the console versions all stink in comparison.

Epic freebies


Neat idea for a thread @beastmode10 . I’ve actually been gaming more on my PC then Series X lately.

Who’s made the switch to Windows 11?

We know @Sikamikanico has and he loves the random restarts for windows updates :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d been using the insider builds of Windows 11 and did a fresh install with the official release. Have had some random BSOD restarts but since update my motherboard bios i’ve had no dramas.

Gaming performance has been excellent. One such game you should all check out is PowerWasher Simulator, it’s spraytastic.


@beastmode10 been using redgear wireless controller for the past year and its been amazing. Official Xbox or Sony controllers are a tad too expensive for me, so this third party 360 controller covers most of my needs for the fraction of the price. :grin:

What controller do you use? Perhaps you got the new console and use the controller you got with that?

Also thanks for creating this thread, now my venting regarding the disparity in gamepass pc offering and the failings of the windows store and generally how good steams regional pricing is can be concentrated here rather than the community or game pass OTs. :sweat_smile:

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Oh noooooo I better mute this thread now :joy:


Lmfaoo don’t worry, Xbox has been largely good with gamepass pc lately, just occasional hiccups like outriders, destiny 2 and now DragonBall z, it was much worse prior to this year so I ain’t gonna be that mad :sweat_smile: I wouldn’t consider the gta sa de on gamepass costume only to be as much of a problem cuz even though its a bummer I know it’s Rockstar who doesn’t want to give it to us in pc cuz they wanna push their dogshit launcher on us.

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