Paprium is alive!

I can’t believe it!

In 2017 I and many others preordered the upcoming 16-Bit Streets of Rage-esque game from Watermelon Games (Pier Solar)

There was a release party in france in 2018 but no one received the game. Many mails from fans never got a response, myself included. People thought this game was dead, the main developer went missing and reports of frozen paypal money appeared. It was a disaster really and I thought my money was gone.

And just now I received an email with a link to complete my order!!! The mail is already a week old because it landed in my spam folder. And of course I would have never thought this game would come out but I read people have already recieved a copy. This is the redemtion story of 2020!



So if any of you ordered and paid this back in 2017, check your email (and spam folders!)

Here’s a link with the latest info:


Been keeping up with this game since it was announced and even now I have a hard time believing it actually exists

Yep, I believe it when it arrives at my place!