'Palworld' Launches into Xbox Game Pass on Xbox Consoles and PC January 19

Originally published at: 'Palworld' Launches into Xbox Game Pass on Xbox Consoles and PC January 19 - XboxEra

Developer PocketPair has announced that their open-world survival adventure title ‘Palworld’ will launch on Xbox consoles and PC on the 19th of January, launching straight into Xbox Game Pass. With over 100 Pals to collect, you’ll take on other Pals and players (up to 32!) alongside powerful field bosses. All the while collecting resources to build and make stronger weapons.

Check out the Tweet and gallery below for more details on Palworld. The Steam page is currently live and you can check that out over here.

🚨Release date: Friday, January 19, 2024🚨
🎬The latest trailer featuring a large amount of Pals and field bosses has been released!
🧭Open world survival crafting game for up to 32 players!
🔫Gather your weapons and go on an adventure with over 100 types of pals! pic.twitter.com/M8dWGDxiLL

— Palworld (@Palworld_EN) January 9, 2024


Not trusting this game releasing when they have another early access survival joint that they haven’t finished yet.

my real questions are … is this an early access release (i.e. game preview)? and is this a play anywhere title?

I’m ready to machine gun some pokemon

You mean this will be our Abandoned and The Day Before?!

No, I’m not saying that. But I would not put it past this developer to do something skeevy like that. A lot of the elements i’ve seen from footage of Palworld are also in their previous survival game rn.

Early access is disappointing, was hoping it would be the final release. But let’s first of all just see if it’s any good. It could be fun.

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At least it’s in Game Pass. No real cost unless you’re not in it.