PACER the spiritual successor to the Wipeout series finally arrives on Xbox with a 20% discount for the first 15 days

The developer R8 Games is made up of veterans of the Wipeout series with founder Andrew Walker part of the team that were awarded a BAFTA for best design on Wipeout 3 in 1999.

The Designers Republic the graphic design studio that designed visual assets and marketing for the first three Wipeout games, has also contributed to the game.

CoLD SToRAGE also returns in a playlist of 80+ songs with an extensive licensed library from named artists.


Been following this game on Twitter for awhile. It looks so damned good. Hope the AI is balanced. Gaming has been missing a good one of these.


Looking forward to this one. Wipeout 2097 is easily one of my favourite PS1 games. Played it so much back in the day.

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Though I am terrible at it, (though excellent at hitting and grinding along every barrier on the track) I loved the Wipeouts games, especially the first for their soundtrack and aesthetic. Playing it in VR is amazing.

I’m tempted to try this out since its made by veterans of that team.

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Game is really good guys! Hope to have my video review fixed and published tonight. As a long time Wipeout fan, this is easily worth the price of admission, especially with the discount.


Being a big wipeout fan I picked this up straight away. I’ve enjoyed what I’ve played so far.

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This game is amazing

It really is a new wipeout - gameplay wise I actually like this quite a bit better

They only thing I dont really like is the menu system - it is quite basic and a bit boring compared to the later Wipeouts

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@KageMaru has been playing this, and put a review together.


AI is pretty good. Rubber banding isn’t an issue, if anything if it’s there, I wish it was more aggressive since there have been times I pulled so far ahead of the pack I’d go an entire lap without seeing anyone. Obviously they are more aggressive in the faster speed tiers. I definitely don’t have what it takes to win Elite races :sweat_smile:


Very good and in-depth review :+1: My main problem with the game is their decision not to implement cross-play :thinking: They have talked on Twitter about a future next-gen update so hopefully this also includes cross-play to maintain a healthy online player count.

Bought it just now. Excited to give it a go later today.

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Thanks. This all sounds really good. Think it’ll be one of my rare purchases for the year.


Thanks for the video, looks neat. Do you have an affiliate link to buy the game from the Xbox store that supports the site?

(I’m assuming not, but just thought I’d ask)

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Hehe, no, but maybe one day! :wink:

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