Overwatch Cross-Play announced: Xbox + PlayStation + Switch + PC


A bit late, but cool nonetheless. It is also way more appealing to have it on switch now.

Cross progression is also coming later. Blizzard is finally making some moves !

I’ve never touched Overwatch, and I don’t think I ever will, but this is great! More of this, please!

I bet they make it F2P + Battle pass when Overwatch 2 launches. And I would welcome such decision.

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Mouse+Keyboard support on consoles for matchmaking with PC could be great.

Maybe later they will introduce that, but currently, console players can’t play Competitive vs PC players. In every other mode is possible.

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Sorely needed, but turning off aim assist on controller if you have a PC player in your party is a little WTF. Every other game doesn’t make controllers HARDER to use in crossplay.

It could be great if they do it like Halo Infinite by having M + K support and then categorizing players by input.

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Surprised it’s on ps4. Blizzard paying money to Sony most likely.

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Can’t wait this to start and see new influx of players + better queue times. Hopefully we will get more balanced matches too, cause I’m sick of having in the team Silver dps and Platinum tank, and losing because of huge difference how players in each rank approach to the game.


When I played the other night I was level 1 (I played before on PS4 and wasn’t massively higher anyway) and I didn’t see a single person who was anywhere near my level. Its a bit rough for new players especially on Xbox in Germany.

Considering the skill gap it was annoying to see the widowmaker bitching that I as Lucio was sticking to the objective and trying to buff the team rather than running off to him. Naturally team chat went off, but I don’t remember it being so bitchy around launch.

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Probably these days due the smaller player base on each platform, matchmaking combines players from different ranks and huge gap in skills.

Once we move to cross-play more people will be in the one pool of players, so matchmaking should populate teams with people who have same ranks or skills. So, hopefully, we will see more balanced comps on consoles.

Today I had one match with plat ranks and next one with silvers. Not fun.

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Cross-play is live!