'Overwatch 2 x Porsche' Iconic Collaboration for Legendary D.Va skin

Originally published at: 'Overwatch 2 x Porsche' Iconic Collaboration for Legendary D.Va skin - XboxEra

The all-new Porsche Macan Electric is coming and Blizzard is teaming up with car manufacturer for in-game collaboration in Overwatch 2.

From this collaboration we will see two Legendary skins and multiple new cosmetics. Tokki, D.Va’s mech, with unique design is the perfect choice for all types of partnership.

An iconic design deserves an iconic collaboration ✨

Overwatch 2 x Porsche arrives in Season 10 🏎️ pic.twitter.com/yt05LSNfVd

— Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) March 8, 2024

Here we can see the back of D.va’s mech inspired be the design of all-new Porsche Macan Electric:

You can see a life-sized 7ft statue of D.Va’s Porsche skin, created by Onyx Forge Studios at the Porsche Full Service installation at Brazos Hall at 204 E. 4th St. through March 12.

The new Overwatch 2 Legendary skin news came just a day after Blizzard announced collaboration with Cowboy Bebop for series of skins inspired by characters from the show. Until Season 10 comes to OW2, you can check our guide Best Heroes to play in Overwatch 2 – Season 9 and improve your rankings.