Overwatch 2 Launch Trailer


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So i wanna get back into overwatch but i played overwatch on my ps4 so i was wondering if my progress carries over from ps to xbox. Probably not from what i can see. Does anyone here know for sure? I cant login to overwatch on ps anymore if thats necessary to make it work. As i sold everything ps related with the release of the one x.

To transfer progression you will need to connect your PS4 account to Battlenet. And then your progress is tied to battlenet account and no matter where you play, progress is transferred.

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I hope the game is a success, seen so much negativity around this game.

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Im by no means a Overwatch player, but this seems like the rare occasion where internet outrage actually seems kind of justified. (From my limited understanding of what they are doing with the game)

Yeah, maybe that’s the case.

I’m not too familiar with the Overwatch IP but it’s been brutal on social media lol.

Media likes to pickup negative news, and if they are connected with Blizzard - even better for clicks. From what I gathered around, I can’t see much of ‘bad’ regarding the game. Going F2P needed to introduce some additional measures to prevent account spamming, trolling, toxicity and the other part is paid content, which is pretty much on the level with similar games.

If people use only one account and all progress is tied to that account, I don’t see any issues. Even if you need some amount of games of unlock specific heroes, well, at some point you will do that or just pay for battle pass. I mean, if all of these measures bring more fair competitive environment, I’m in. Less trolls, smurfs and cheaters is always welcomed.

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I don’t know how I missed new push map:

It’s beautiful!

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