Over 4 million people played Fortnite via Cloud Gaming (of which 1 million new customers)


This could be the boost Microsoft cloud gaming to make it a mainstream service people will trust.


And like that…in 6 weeks Xbox reached more gamers through streaming then all Xboxs sold in Japan in 2 decades.

So much for “we are 10 years away from streaming being viable”

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With that announcement, I believe others are taking notes and wonder if they too should join in.


Now if only people would play good games via the cloud…

This is huge. @Shpeshal_Nick add this to the list of “leaks” you’ve been right about.


Surprised more people aren’t talking about this.

This is what Microsoft means when they want to reach billions of gamers. Over 1 million new accounts in their ecosystem from this alone… Think beyond gaming. If this is young kids creating an email address they potentially will be buying cloud storage, office products etc etc. Potentially email customers for life.

The “console wars” are over and even Sony is trying to branch out from the console install base with their PC ports.

It’s all about the cloud wars now. Companies want you in their ecosystem nickle and diming you for life!

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