Outriders delay made official, but crossplay added

Since I play solo, I would have preferred Outriders this year but it’s only a four month delay so no biggie.

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Shame but much better date for the game. Woulda got slaughtered at Holiday.


Funnily enough, I would get the game if it was released on December. Now it is releasing in the same month as two games I’m currently interested in: Far Cry and Riders Republic.

This game is on my radar as well. I feel it’s a spiritual follow-up of some of the Bulletstorm gameplay elements. And I really liked that game!

Wow, Feb is packed as well.

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So far this is the only game I want in February so it works for me. Full Crossplay makes it so much easier to convince friends to get it so they can play on PS/PC/Xbox if they want. Can’t wait til this is just the starndard. :slight_smile:

This game looks really fun, but I think it’ll flop horribly. Would be a good one to scoop up quickly for Gamepass to try to keep life in it.

February actually works out better for me since I have three big major open worlds games to play between November 10th and the Outriders release date. Hoping they reveal their post launch plans soon even though they probably won’t until January sometime. Really want to see if this game will simply be a one and done or if there will be expansions and whatnot after release.

It’s weird, both this and Godfall seem to be taking the marketing tactic of saying “We’re not a Games as a Service!” but if there’s not planned regular updates, I’d be shocked.

True. Godfall has I believe three expansions planned but I don’t know if they will have any daily/weekly/monthly content. I don’t have any issues with live service games and in fact, in some cases prefer them because if I love a game, I don’t mind going back to it when new expansions release.

I’m not into the daily/weekly stuff. Monthly is fine but single player story driven expansions is what I really care about. That’s why im all in digitally with Cyberpunk 2077, Valhalla and Immortals.

Guess we just have to wait a few more months until we know for sure.

I don’t mind dailies and weeklies because I just don’t do the content I don’t wanna do. I love Destiny, but there’s HUGE parts of Destiny I just don’t engage with. And that’s fine for me.

I don’t mind that stuff in general as I simply ignore it. I don’t go back to for example The Division 2 every week or even month. Beat the game at launch. Went back to it when the Warlords of NY expansion released and have played the seasonal content but only when that season is completed. I have The Summit that I have to finish this month but other wise, it won’t be played again until next year on PS5.