Our own Klobrille is now on Patreon

I guess all of you know who Klobrille is by now, one of the best things to happen to Xbox and the Xbox community. He has now started a patreon and if you can/wan’t to become one you can find all info in the link.


Wow, congrats!!! I’ll definitely be joining as a Nut Hoarder tier :slight_smile:


Thank you. Klobrille is great.

I’ll be sure to join

There is a nut hoarder tier? LOL

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What is patreon and how does it work?

Also I guess this means Klobrille isn’t Phil Spencer after all :stuck_out_tongue:


you basically pay some money every month (there are several tiers) to support the artist, business, etc In turn, although not necessarily, you get rewards based on the tier of your donation. In short, it’s essentially salary but from several people instead of an employer haha

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If I give Klobrille money I wonder if he tell me the price of the series x XD hehe

lol I wish. The nature of these leaks and insider info is bound to become public rather immediately tho :stuck_out_tongue:

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I wish too.

It’s annoying how we are months out and we can’t even preorder the damn machine or even know what we will be paying.

I just want to secure my machine and pay it off and then focus on getting one them ssd cards for the back and some games (only got yakuza like a dragon, crash 4, cyberpunk, dragon quest 11 & thps 1/2 preordered so far)

That being said is there day one big games for series x currently? Or was it only infinite?

Also looking forward to gears 5 & horizon 4 series x enhancements :smiley:

currently, no firsty party games for Xbox at launch except probably Gears Tactics. Some medium sized second parties/ID@Xbox games like Medium and Ascent (it’ll frankly be hilarious if these get delayed as well and the console just launches with absolutely nothing) Some say Scorn is also a launch title but we’ve seen absolutely no gameplay in like 5 years, it’s probably a whole different game now, but absolutely no idea what’s up with that game right now

Oh and probably Crossfire X launching too, hopefully with the campaign.

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I forgot about Ascent, that game looks great :)!

Hopefully they will surprise us in August or September with something for launch, but I am doubtful haha.

Sadly Medium isn’t for me, I hope others love it though :)!

I’m not quite sold on the gameplay of The Medium yet. The graphics and art direction are undeniably super good, but I still haven’t grasped the core loop and if I have, I don’t quite see what’s being done that’s new and innovative and if it indeed is innovative, not sure if it is indeed a tangible meaningful innovation.

But yeah, it’s coming to Game Pass, so zero reason to try it out and see for ourselves. And I’m hyped for The Ascent as well, but sadly that looks like it’s not coming to Game Pass, at least at launch.

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Thats whats up good luck

Ascent isn’t? I thought it was, guess I won’t be able to demo before purchasing, that sucks, it’s one of my fave features about Gamepass.

I agree with everything you’ve said about Medium, maybe when it comes out it might show us otherwise, but I don’t see any reason why it couldn’t be on xbox one currently.

pretty much this. Good luck

Definitely all in for Gears Tactics and The Ascent.

Has the Crossfire X campaign been confirmed to be a launch title or is it just the multi-player mode? Because all I care about is the campaign.

Nice, he seems to be a very good guy, his info are top notch, hope for the best! Go, Go, Go Klobrille!

it’s klobberin’ time!

@Klobrille great work and I’ll look to support your patreon in the near future. Look forward to helping support your work and I hope more people join up.

Out of interest, what are your plans for this patreon? Do you have longer terms plans for this?