Opinion: So Far Xbox Series X or PS5 Has Not Shown True Next Gen Game or Gameplay

So Far Both platform have showed zero games and gameplay tht really looks Next Gen…or taking advantage of these hardware. After 1 or 2 Yrs launch both platforms you’ll see better next gen game.

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I’d argue Ratchet and Clank was showing off some of what the SSD can do.

The world traversal was near instant with only an extremely short “load mask” between for 1 or 2 seconds where Ratchet and Clank fall through limbo.

Series X? Not sure. Maybe the Medium? But don’t know enough to make the call yet. But I guess so many games already confirmed to have 120fps modes is at least showing the sheer power aspect of Series X.


For what its worth, we’ve seen Gears 5 running on Series X:

…that early build wasn’t fully optimized so that’s a good indication of how powerful this hardware is.


Unfortunately we have seen nothing really up until now. The fact that most games put in stuff like ray tracing post launch has me worried that next gen launch is going to be barren as hell when it comes to games.

Hopefully when Flight Simulator is ported to Series X. The game already looks stunning on PC.


The world warping from ratchet and clank wasn’t gameplay though. Real time/cutscene but the actual gameplay didn’t have any world shifting just teleport points into the same world.

I think gameplay only The Medium would be it. They have instant swapping between the two views and even rendering both at the same time while also streaming 2 different sets of assets of the same time.

And I agree games pushing twice the framerate and then some are also a good show of the sheer power even if not exactly the best way to show off what the next visuals are going to be about.


Another thing to bear in mind is COVID-19, and the effect that has had on game development. MS has done great work with cloud-based dev kits, but real-world events can’t be helping right now.


Yeah it’s unfortunate how we haven’t seen a graphical showcase for XSX yet. After all the proud comments by Xbox, rightfully so about how powerful their system is I really expected at least one game to show it off at the showcase last month.

Like how Xbox E3 2013 had Ryse, that sure as hell was a showcase. Hell, that game still looks impressive today.

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I was blown away by Ryse in all honesty, the low reviews genuinely surprised me, especially as I thought it was one of the better launch games on either platform.

I would say it was definitely the game you would’ve shown off to a friend to show how good the graphics were at launch :slight_smile:

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Yeah that was an unfortunate event that definitely took its toll on the demos intended.

First reply from @Shpeshal_Nick nailed it. Ratchet and Clank and Medium both show gameplay not possible on current gen.

Did you really need to make a thread to act as though you’re posing a question, just to make a statement in your post, and not only that but state such an obvious comment like games will get better over time? Of course they will get better over time, that doesn’t change the fact that we’ve seen examples of what these new systems can do. All this to just to try to prove your point from the other thread. You’re free to have your own opinions but stop going around acting like they are fact.

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At the moment, I’m excited about Series X mostly because of the visual upgrades on existing games. Being able to run my current library and the announced games at 4K 60/120fps. Even though it wasn’t shown any gameplay with the new tech…


Ya sure that has to be a reason as well. Gotta be honest tho, I’d prefer it if the MS and Sony would just postpone the Next Gen to Fall 21 and blow us away with a super solid launch with impressive games to show.

It’s true that the warps were basically masked loading where you didn’t have direct control, but how does loading in entirely new areas in a few seconds not effect gameplay or demonstrate a feature of these next gen systems? I’m honestly hoping we see something similar in Halo with the portal like structure we saw in the start screen. I’d imagine it would be a few seconds or less on the Series X while requiring an actual load screen on current gen consoles.

I wouldn’t say this is true at all. Rachet & Clank and Horizon: Forbidden West both looked absolutely next gen.


I agree, there was no next gen gameplay at these events. But we have seen one on pc at least with Flight Simulator - a shared online multiplayer between real and virtual pilots on the whole world with detailed physic simulations.

I would say the in engine stuff forza showed off was next gen. The amount of ray tracing is insane. Also the hellblade 2 trailer was confirmed real time in engine on a unreal engine stream so if the game looks anywhere close to that :drooling_face:

I’m really excited to see the upgrades to gears 5 as one of my most played games, and for a horizon 4 & sea of thieves :slight_smile:

I would love it if they enhanced killer instinct too, but I have a feeling Microsoft has long move on from that game.

I dont think xbox has moved on from KI just cant find a dev to make a new one. Double helix is gone and iron galaxy is doing other stuff. I cant really think of anyone else to make the game other then maybe the skull girl devs

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The portal part of ratchets gameplay has pretty much been done before in games like portal