Open World poll and why I love GR Wildlands

Show me what is the most important factor for you in a open world.

  • The World
  • Gameplay
  • Story
  • Graphics
  • Interactivity
  • unpredictable mission structure
  • Stuff to collect
  • long playtime

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My favourite Open World is Ghost Recon Wildlands for various reasons. For me a OW only hits if the world is interesting and immersive. The game really gave this sense that I’m a deadly special force haunting a Drug Cartel until his last member.

Bolivia itself was created with such a care and scale I haven’t seen yet. Every area is different to the other and suits the various members of the drug cartel. A millionaire surely lives in a wealthy area and the trader definitely has a airport or a coca farmer has farms. I didn’t scratched the surface how much each leader differentiate.

The game has a lot Ubi systems (camps, upgrades, checklists etc.)but I did not mind it actually it was a lot fun for me to clear everything unlike in the recent AC games. The gunplay is top notch, hit feedback on point and the overall gameplay loop is a joy. Playable with AI support or in coop. (You can make the game extremely challenging on the highest difficulty stealth is mandatory at this point) Vehicles are easy to drive and fun. Air/land/water.


The story is mostly told in gameplay, negotiations and small clips. As such it fits the game and world perfectly and only made it easier for me to lose myself. Don’t expect any cinematics or so. Ahh one thing the final scene is a perfect end I won’t spoil. Satisfying. El Sueno is badass.

Ohh the world is GIGANTIC the biggest self created OW in recent memory also a graphical showcase.

In reality this was a bait to get you on the game and please don’t confuse this with the mess Breakpoint was…:stuck_out_tongue:

Ohhh and the game is fantastic for coop sooo grab a friend and free Bolivia :wink:

I excuse myself for any gramma mistakes, English is not my native language.


Open world games are my favorite.

You could have the most gorgeous, technically impressive marvel of a world for me to explore, but without a solid gameplay loop, I couldn’t care less.

I don’t understand how anyone could not feel gameplay matters most - this applies for any genre.


I agree, it’s gameplay, easily. If I’m not having fun playing the game, it doesn’t matter how good everything else is as I’ll probably move on to something else.

I chose “The World” because my favorite OW game is Skyrim & it has… Less than stellar gameplay. But the world is so whack-a-doodle (even by fantasy standards) & the interactivity is so grand that I cannot get enough of it.


LOVED Wildlands.

For me, combat and gameplay matter the most but at the same time, give me an amazing looking world that I can immerse myself in and it then becomes tied. lol.