One year anniversary for the Xbox Series X/S. One year in, can you find one on the shelves?

Today is the one year anniversary of the Series X/S launch and its crazy to think you still can’t walk into a shop and buy one.

Jb HiFi here in Australia are not taking any more orders for the Series X, however the Series S they still are. So a year in, what’s the stock levels where you live like?

I got two of them, but I paid a premium and got them from scalpers. In hindsight it was worth doing, as stock is just as hard to get now, and no relief on the horizon.

It’s been a wild first year MS.

Its been months since Ive seen Series X restocks on Amazon, Best Buy and such. Its wild.

On shelves? Not for X. S I’ve seen once. . In a world where dem0and is so high you won’t be able to bar rare cases.

No idea about shelves - don’t really see many consoles on shelves in the UK anymore (at least where I go) and in the UK the Series S is available relatively frequently online. But usually oos at the bigger retailers like Amazon. But some of the more niche ones you can usually find a series S. The MS store currently has Series S for online order.

Series X is harder to get here than hen’s teeth. People have to be on the stock sites virtually constantly.

Frankly my view is that they’ve not shipped many consoles here - which is a shame. I suspect cos they are in more territories. No idea if rumours that stock would improve are true as its November now - and you’d imagine we’d have seen that evident by now?

Had to look for a local retailer and travel 3 times to his shop (traveling around 100km each visit) I finally pre booked the Xbox Series X and got soon after it

I had to purchase Wired Headset as well because it was a combo

Headset is over priced in itself but worth it to have the Xbox series X

I saw an XSS at Walmart once. I have never seen a XSX in the wild. I was able to buy five XSXs online through the year (one for myself and the others for my brothers / friends; I’m not scalping).

I have Series X in the living room but I needed an Xbox for the bedroom. Normally I would’ve bought another Series X but they are too expensive on eBay still so I went with a Series S. The price was actually pretty good $330 for an open box “like new”.