On-rails Shooter 'Railbreak' Now Available

Originally published at: On-rails Shooter 'Railbreak' Now Available on PC and Xbox Series Consoles - XboxEra

Developer Dead Drop Studios has announced that their modern take on the on-rails arcade shooting genre ‘Railbreak’ is now available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series consoles, and PC via Epic Games Store and Steam. Pricing is listed at an MSRP of $19.99 USD with varying international pricing. Sinden Lightguns work with this game as well for PC.

Per the press release:

Power through hordes of reanimated monsters when Railbreak resurrects the on-rails arcade shooter genre December 22nd!  Wield weapons bestowed with elemental power, take down sinister bosses, contend with wacky ‘Glitch’ effects, and more across a multitude of game modes and stages!

To survive the slaughter, Railbreak’s heroes need to use their fantastical armaments to their fullest. Stall aggressive baddies with ice blasts that’ll freeze their already cold, dead hearts. Zombies will be in for a shock when you pump them with enough electricity  to make them pop! Set rotting flesh ablaze and smolder a whole crowd with fire rounds, or even decorate the streets with some chunk-e-cheese after shooting incendiary bursts!

The most successful slayers will perfectly exploit Mother Nature’s gifts.

When Railbreak’s formidable bosses come out of the woodwork, players will need to break out the heavy artillery.  Whether the devious Kunoichi brings her katana out to play or the raucous Hacknslash decides to get up close and personal with his dual chainsaws, peril is on the menu. The gargantuan Slab obscures players’ vision in more ways than one, and the eruptive Boom Boom can spell doom-doom for the unprepared. The bar is raised even higher when bosses show up and show off in souped-up ‘Glitched’ forms, granting them tons more power, speed, and health! 

No one wants to be cornered by these fiends in a dark alley!

The virtual world of Cypress Ridge becomes even more unstable with modifiers known as ‘Glitches’ that trigger throughout the game. Some Glitches can be a major help, like randomly restoring health, while others may be a major hindrance (can you say grenade roulette?). Enemies may suddenly have far more health, weapon ammo may erratically switch between elements, and player accuracy may be tested when only headshots deal significant damage. 

With a huge number of ‘Glitch’ types and combinations, Survivors will always be on their toes!

Three new ways to play join the previously announced Score Attack, endless Onslaught, and fully-voiced Story modes! Looking for more chaos? The rogue-like Glitch Gauntlet makes every playthrough unique with random ‘Glitch’ conditions constantly stirring up trouble. Need a serious challenge? Lay waste to Cypress Ridge’s most fearsome creatures in the slimy sewers of Boss Rush! Fiending for a quick burst of action?  Shoutout Shootout provides a bonus scenario that serves as a bloody sweet tribute to longtime Dead Drop Studios supporters.

Enjoy score tracking and optional two-player co-op support for each of Railbreak’s whopping SIX modes! Purge the undead regardless of your skill level with five difficulty options. Freshen up every round with a total of EIGHT unlockable characters, each with a unique loadout. If you’re playing on PC, take advantage of optional support for Sinden Lightguns for an authentic arcade experience! Finally, customize your graphics options to your heart’s content with a slew of useful settings, and learn all about the game’s mechanics with an exhaustive built-in ‘How to Play’ menu!

Have a gander at the trailer and gallery below for more information on Railbreak.