Old & New TCL TV’s support 1080p at 120 Hz

I discovered that my older 2017 TCL and new 2021 TCL TV’s can support 120 Hz at 1080P. This wasn’t advertised for either of these TV’s, so this may work on other TV brands as well. If you have a TCL TV that wasn’t advertised as a 120 Hz display, try the following.

On your Console, go to:

Settings>TV & display options>Video fidelity & overscan

Under “Display” choose HDMI and choose “Use Manual Settings”

The resolution will be very wonky, now go back one screen to the “TV & display options”. Change the “Resolution” to 1080P and if applicable for you, change the “Refresh rate” to 120 Hz.

I tested multiple games at 120 Hz and the games feel fantastic.

Hopefully this can be shared by somebody who can reach a large audience, as I’m sure all the TCL users out there will be happy to play at 120 Hz.


This is great specially for people that have a Series S. Thanks for sharing.

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No problem, I’m trying to get this out to everybody out there.

I would test this but I’m fairly certain my 2018 6 series caps out at 60 frames. Still, super cool and great find.

It’ll definitely work for you, just follow the instructions.

No, the previous years tcl , through 2019, were only native 60hz with 120 “cmi”, so not true 120hz. The 6 series and 8 series in 2020 had native 120 ha panels, but that’s it. Cmi is not true 120

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That makes sense, though I still feel the difference when playing Ori and the Will of the Wisps at 120 Hz. There is an on the fly toggle in Ori’s settings that you can change back and forth. So while it’s not native support, I’d argue that the method I’ve provided is still a valid way of improving the responsiveness of games that support 120 Hz.

That’s an interesting article that covers why CMI might look more impressive than 60fps. Even though it isn’t 120 perhaps you’re still benefiting from setting the Xbox to 120hz out.

That setting also allows the console to switch between 24 hz, 30 hz, & 60 hz without having to switch modes on the TV.

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Using this method, the console believes that the TV is 120 Hz native, so from a system level, it allows the games to run at 120 FPS. While weren’t seeing 120 FPS, we can feel it because the game is running at double the speed.

Edit: This is only true of games supporting 120 FPS.